I Got You Babe❤️

Published September 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

So it begins..
words so harsh her mind throws them out..
drowning out his voice
The finality of it all..
“Two to three days is what i give him” he says..
What ?
What does that mean exactly?
Such cruel words
It won’t register
Confusion lines her face
Two three what?
Till you fix him?
Till you give him back to me? Till he is no more?
No way can this be..
He’s her lifetime
He’s her person
He’s her ‘I got you babe’
To grow old with and share grandbabes together..
So many more moments to come
To share
To live and laugh together
We are not done
Her eyes beg scream shout plead
Crying silently
Saying all she can’t speak out loud..
Breathing in deeply
Holding back the hysteria
She Thinks of her girls
Drifting to happier moments..
Not yet she says
Not today..
She gathers her things
Unaware of her surroundings
Drs in and out
Beeping machines
Nurses IV’s meds
Murmurs of voices
Words unheard..
Seeking escape
She drives away..
Curled up in their bed she is safe
Relaxing she starts to dream
Peace covering her as she feels his love..
hugging his pillow
she smiles
as tears fall gently into the night..


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