Heartfelt ❤️

Published October 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Never certain what the day will bring loving him
Like A song not easy to write
But the challenge so worth it..
The breakthrough tantalizing
Always Changing my moments
Many moods he is
Intense gentle passionate strong weak
Up down quiet loud
A storehouse of love..
A spark of magic in him
In his eyes his smile
his touch
Beckoning me always
These arms of mine always wanting him
My love always growing
Always changing
Full of wonder excitement disappointment
Happy tears sad tears
A journey of love&dreams
I’d walk through it again&again
with you


9 comments on “Heartfelt ❤️

  • Awesome poem, like the preacher says when we decide to marry, for better or worse…but what really comes alive within us if we truly love we do not hold them to be perfectly ideal, but who is without flaws…love allows us to compromise our feelings for them…some days it does not seem easy, but there are always moments that takes ones breath away…that is love, real love. They say if God is love, why does he love us all with our imperfections, and yet he does…that is the way I try to love all…I do not want a perfect love, but one who is like myself imperfect…it makes it easier to do especially when I look in the mirror after saying something stupid, that causes some pain, and realize as i feel it touch me, why did I do it and then go and hug and ask forgiveness. You are such a wonderful writer poet! Your words always make one to think! Have a wonderful week ahead!

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