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Published December 2, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Jarring stunning
Collision of the hearts
Shattered glass scattered everywhere – shining beautifully
You’re here in my waking moments
and crashing through my dreams
dancing on
my battered heart
Did I love too much
How did I miss it..
Unraveled and broken
Left me naked
No disguising the bruises
Do you know what I know
Do you know what I feel
Or was it all one sided..
I was your stomping ground
Each turn revealing a
beautiful shade more intoxicating than the last..
Simply having me for a good time..
I wasn’t afraid to fall..
Well now I’m no longer petrified to stand tall
Dusting you off with each step
my colors coming back
No longer blue
My shades speak the truth
Heart bleeds red
unlike your Kaleidoscope that beats quietly deceptively cunningly
so many mirrors
you’re lost trapped in between them..
until each one slowly cracks
giving way to a cascade of jagged broken glass..
Burying you