Published January 26, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


darkness closing in..
Her muscles twitch
Jittery and nervous
Desperate for this long awaited hour
Needing her world
The silent noises subside
Her mind relaxes
giving in to the dark..
She walks quickly to the bedroom
her torn dingy white gown trailing behind her
Collapsing on the bed inaudible sounds slip
from her throat..
Eyes closed she rises
as it all comes to life
She senses him
Feels him calling
As the closet door creaks open slowly
Anticipation is etched across her weary face
Nothing but dust particles float out in all directions
She gasps wondering where he’s been hiding
She reaches out tentatively
ever so gently
Somehow aware this is a fragile moment she dares not breathe
Ecstatic he’s joined her
She reaches out her hand
And knows he’s always been here
in all her dreams this is how she sees him..
He reaches back
He twirls her round and round drawing her close until she feels his breath upon her face..
Breathing in deeply she sighs..
A teardrop slips out
rolling down her cheek
smearing her dream
Her eyes flash open
wild with fear and pain
Her colorful dream fading..
giving way to black&white
No.. She moans..
Clutching his picture she curls up
How long till she sees his face again..
Darkness closing in on her
She fades to black




30 comments on “Fading..

  • It moved me with its sadness, I wish everyone had someone who shares with them a genuine selfless love which is the type that inspires lasting smiles. Never really needing anything in response but a priceless smile…and puts the object of their affection first…as their most important treasure. You always are so very real with your emotions in all you share. i love what you write dear sister! Spiritual hugs!

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