Melancholy Heart..

Published February 26, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

life is full of mystique

the unexpected causing us to always seek..

some uncertainties shrouded in mysteries to great to grasp

leaving it’s unforeseen moments creating our past..

I may look the same

sound the same

Feel the same

But I have no name

My insides screaming for all we can’t see..

my heartbeat – once your haven –

come to me

lay your head to rest where it longs to be

as the sounds of the beat bring you home to the retreat of Me..

We are circling the sun

open your eyes so you can see..

Let our hearts feel how it used to be..

I’ll always need you as the moon says hello

to the sun as it eclipses its’ glow..

I’ll follow you anywhere as long as it’s everywhere in this life of the great unknown..

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