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Timeless Love❤️

Published July 22, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Nothing can replace the tender moments of our history..
timeless love❤️
like the ocean
Deep beautiful endless
No end in sight
Not perfection
No such thing
But unconditional love respect
Best of friends
Acceptance of all idiosyncrasies
Open conversations
Hearing listening
Fun times
goofy times hard times
sad times
Through it all
Always growing together
Such goodness loyalty and adoration..
I choose to live us each day
Much like a dream
Keeps me falling over&over


Gift of Rain🌟

Published July 18, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Roaring of thunder making itself known
Bringing all of nature to life
dogs uncertain of its’ sound and frightened
unaware of the beauty that follows thunder..
Overcast skies playing hide’n’seek with the sun
Happy chirping birds coming out to play enjoying what their world offers..
Carefree eating and flitting about..
Much to learn watching a bird..
Thunder rolls through space again
And ever so gently
Big rain drops fall from the skies to a very hungry earth..
Summer storms
Unexpected moments
So beautiful and full of life🌟


Bend with Me

Published July 13, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

With you without you
Here yet gone
I get it
I see it
I feel it
I know it
Everything is nothing now
It’s empty lonely scary confusing
I’m lost
Feeling the chill through to my bones
Missing the smile
the laughs &
gentle touches
The peaceful silence
Sharing space
Sweetest times I’ve known
Small things that make it so special
Where did it all go..
Trying to explain it to myself
Make sense of it
But it is all in vain..
the perfect that was going to last a lifetime
gone in a moment..
Didn’t know I could be so broken
Funny how you still take my breath away..
So alive So real
I’ll stay
I’ll fight
I’ll push&pull
I’ll bend your way
Making new stories
Our stories
Make my heart soar ❤️


All Sparkly – Who Me?

Published July 11, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Picture perfect life they say
So lucky so easy so carefree
How they wish to be her..
walk in her shoes and see
How it all just falls into place..
Gazing around She wonders who they speak of..
Eyes words attention all centered on her..
The kind naive words bring smiles to her face until it spills out into laughter as she shakes her head no fervently back and forth..
Wishing them to know truths
It’s absurd
Don’t they know nothing is easy
Nothing just happens
One must be brave
It is work
A lot of work
It is hard exhausting and wonderful work fighting for all she has..
Her actions make the choice
She chooses to live each moment
Though life is chaotic and a beautiful mess
And she teeters on the edge -often finding that balance overwhelming
she would never quit
Give up
Give in
Never gives that a thought..
Why she wonders?
she senses It is the struggle that gives her life meaning passion love happy sad worth-it-all moments..
As Her laughter subsides
she gets lost in these thoughts..
Grateful for all she’s lived
Her face lights up
Laughter spilling out again
knowing she is
Happy to walk in her shoes..


Choose You❤️

Published July 10, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

It is so wonderful
It has to be perfect
Sweetest thing she’s ever known
Wanting to know more
Curiosity growing
Needing to know more
Making her crazy
What is she looking for..
Bits&pieces of you
So alive
She remembers
That feeling of love – she can’t let go..
She can be all you want
All you need
Sweetest dream you’ll ever know
Stay long enough
You won’t let go..


In the Quiet

Published July 8, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

She wishes many things for you
Her love will always want to see all things good for him
She wants it all
Willing to take the chance
Sometimes it seems so impossible
Such a sweet beautiful dream they are
still can’t believe their worlds collided
can’t believe how fast
How hard and how completely deeply She has fallen for him..
In the quiet
The silence
Her thoughts can be loud at times and She can’t stop the tears
wondering and wondering
smiling & giggling too..
A vast mix of wonderful scary emotions –
She Doesn’t know why about anything but
She certainly is beyond words happy She ran into him in life again
All intertwined and meshed together
No longer sure where it starts or where it ends..



Published July 8, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Moments of pure happiness&joy
Found Living in the moment..
Like a switch
Moments of total fear&despair
As she slowly fades away..
All Gone in an instant
Heartbreaking to wake up..
Harder still
realizing it’s only the beginning of the end
Is she shutting down?
Is it real?
Not sure..
Is she all gone&forgotten
No memories?
As if it never was
Sweet Glimpses remain..
Nothing is lost forever
Even as it decays
Falling apart
The fascination to keep her alive grows stronger
pushing her forward
Irrational Hope is awakened
living on in her
She fights fiercely
never to let the dark eclipse her light..