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Designer of Me

Published May 28, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


see what is me
feel hold believe what you see
My reflection it’s so real
it’s tangible all you will feel
It speaks volumes
Hidden truths
It’s what’s inside
The breath of my soul and opening of my heart are preserved for you
Let the rain of your love pelt on me until it stings
All freedom comes at a price
Designer of my heart that loves so freely now
I am the sum memories of we
At last I see the light
and the reflection of you shines so bright


Crush Me

Published May 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Heart screaming for a second chance..

Willing to make mistakes for the love of you as life goes on

Happy sad somethings 

Something is never nothing 

let me tell you nothing you want to hear 

With every crushing blow 

I grow 

every broken bone I feel you 

It renews me as it juts through me

seeing with new eyes

Loving with an undiscovered heart 

So shatter me 

To bits and pieces..

I learn through the remnants of us

being held together by the strength of your unconditional love

See yourself through my eyes 

And know how lucky i am

For meeting you was the end of life as the way I knew it


Published May 26, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

We aren’t turmoil with drama & rules 

or fear – owning each other 

So relax and let go 

Can’t you see 

I’m all in 

I’m set on you

step by step we grow in strength – a love so powerful

It can’t be stopped..

My heart wrapped in yours creating wonder as we go 

No person paper or thing can make us a we

A love this beautiful and fierce deserves to be free

I don’t want to lose us because I forget who we are

Adventurous is all we want to be..

true to you & me 

Can we lead a normal love 

Define normal 

we are weirdly good 

Forever misunderstood 

We can be anything we want to be

unguarded.. raw in love 

It’s our attraction to living life that draws us together 

So let’s live the moments carefree as they are meant to be..


Published May 24, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


wide awake
Immobilized by the intensity of you
alive & affected by your love until my heart is ready to detonate
All I can do is bleed it out..
Cut me open and watch me live..
This love, this amazing passion that grips my heart
Rips me up and sets me free
A love so puzzling, so perfect
our connectedness can’t be mistaken
can’t be denied
an intimacy so deeply shared
you’ve erupted a part of me that never existed
I ache for you through every pore of my being
Burst my heart wide open
Living for the pain of you
I never knew


Raise Your Glass

Published May 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Crushing to watch it disappear
evaporating into thin air as if it never was..
Oh how I had pictured our moments..
One after the other
never ending..
A love that would finally get the time to be.. to share, to grow, absorbing each other until our breath was one..
We’d only just begun before it was done
I imagined a slowing of time
Staying put awhile
It was not to be
Couldn’t keep you still
We were Beautiful..
why does this darkness feel like it has covered us in filth
overshadowing the light that lit my way
You made all my crooked paths straight
With purpose.. meaning..
So hard to breathe now
This chokehold will never release me
I don’t wish to be
Your ghost I want to always see
Human fingerprints permanent stains
leaving their marks of love all around
When the sun goes down on us and there’s no turning back
I hope you raise your glass to all that was and your heart is set free
Should you turn around and reach for me
I’ll always be a breath away from wherever you will be..


Timeless Moments

Published May 18, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Anticipation – one of a kind I never knew
Imagination going wild
excitement about the unknown known
Tired feet happy heart achy body
so in love with the love spreading through me
And just like that
I am forever changed..
In an Instant
a new heart I bare
each tear filled with you&I
A hush falls over me awestruck, captivated
Enthralled by the ball of joy in my arms..
Feeling lost for a moment, tinged with sadness
a jealousy that I must share this oneness with the world
and exhilarated to show off my gift
Pink baby toes
Wiggly chubby fingers
tickles giggles and fresh baby smells..
cutest bald head to wisps of hair
babbling to talking
Crawling to running
Wanting to please me to shutting me out and back again
Treasured moments teaching you.. watching you grow in size wisdom and love
Priceless ones realizing you taught me back and you taught me well..
How to love unconditionally
How to walk through hurts pains as well as happy –
through it all
love remains the same..
Moments I wish to freeze
wrapping my arms around it
forever frozen in time
It warms my heart..
A love that will stand the test of time and beyond..
You are my story of life


Set You Free

Published May 13, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


My heart will call it a day..
Listened very closely
heard a soul crying out
And realized it is my own
all alone..
You have moved on
Leaving me behind
I don’t belong here any more
love so easily turned off and on at will it seems..
Did I not permeate your soul
Your being as you did mine..
Or did I live this love on my own wishing what I see to be the truth that I dream..
Just Couldn’t be..
For you see
My heart has grown – it’s been set free
My once shut eyes
Can finally see
My ears alive – dancing to the beat
My life full – richer because of you..
So in my pain
I see all I’ve gained
My broken heart overflowing with love that can’t be contained..
With all my strength I’ll let you be
I’ve set you free
As you did me..


Runneth Over

Published May 12, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


steeped so deeply in you
I’m completely submerged
heart open and soaking up all you are
cleansing, renewing
until every part of me is softened – letting go
Giving my all
nothing left but you..
You read me through my heart
I’m overcome
Two becoming one
A seed of pure love that will forever grow
A unity that fills us up
my cup runneth over
Extract the flavor of me
cover my mouth with yours
Kiss me slowly into the night
while I rest in your love..


Uncharted Passion

Published May 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Explore with me
the uncharted space between us
Fear replaced by eagerness
ready to run through this unfamiliar territory connecting our minds
Can’t seem to get enough
I just want to hang around
Feet on the ground
Unlike anything before
I like you so much
sweetest genuine crooked smile lighting up your face
Your jagged worn heart
filling in my broken pieces in all the right ways
making us whole
Let’s do this unknown together
Walk into my heart
We have
Longer than forever..
Come what may
Face to face
Journey with me
as we map out the undiscovered depths of our hearts


Discover Me

Published May 4, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Undress me
Layer by layer
Uncover me
Make known the unknown..
Your existence I wish to dwell in
Would you cover me in it
Something from you that’s out of the norm
Moments All my own
Would you dare to let go..
Let me in your thoughts
I go dark when
Your mind shuts me out
Leaving me radio silence and a Bleeding heart
There is beauty behind our
You got me running circles
would you dare to catch me
or am I chasing my own tail..
make me your exception
The warmth of your smile melts away my cold
let my gentleness touch you inside
There is a space filled only by us
We are exactly how it should be..
Don’t give up before we try
Unearth what surely will let us fly..