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he smiles..

Published June 28, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

golden embers shining through..

untouchable, unreal in all he knew..

A creature of perfection stood him still

garnering the attention of anything real..

magical powers within her soul

intertwine his

making him whole..

Exquisite magnificence – how can it be..

hypnotic brown eyes say much in their glow

igniting a bright smile with lips of gold..

Beauty so rare, it’s one of a kind

A gift to all of mankind..

vibrant and real – his zeal overflows

her aura exudes kindness and love

her ambience sets the stars above..

she’s oblivious, unaware of all the stares

her innocence an appealing and charming delight

he smiles in awe at such a sight..

She’s graceful and carefree in all her ways

flowing through the days as floating clouds

she lights the way like the rays of the sun..

this goddess

this wonder

her beauty within

flows like the sea from his heart to his feet..

She conquers, she rules

she’s strong with reason

his angel his love

For her he’ll do treason..

watch her go

let her be

her strength is her

She will always be free..

Not as we are..

Published June 26, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

Drunk on you

Obliterated clean

higher than high till Im wiped out of sight

I see things as I am

Not as we are..

seeing without eyes

you have delivered me whole

The absence of guilt doesn’t free you

from stealing my soul..

done it

did it

you’ve stolen my past

it’s not who I am

I’m only a mask..

Beware what you dream

your wishes aren’t what they seem..

Fond of my walls

How far will we fall..

won’t you tell me now

all the things you fear

I’m ready to hear..

Hands around my throat

hold me tight

a sliver of me you break

I’ll hold you dear

let me be clear

I’ll be your best nightmare..

rain is just rain..

Published June 12, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

conditions created

Scars circle the heart

Rain is just rain

I drowned from the start

lost site of my landmark

with the losses blue..

You light up the dark night

Magic bright..

doling out pieces of you

memories delight..

black & blue

I’ll bruise for you

the blood beneath my feet

you help renew..

a richness, a peace

has settled me new

a sanctity to just being

I never knew..

few attain this goodness

it’s sacred, it’s rare

for you I will bear the wounds and the hurt..

scarred for life with love and all its’ strife..

Perfected chaos

Published June 2, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

The silent moments when the unknown roars

unbearable is the pain

certain nothings gained..

silently walk with me

enter the night

let’s quiet the storm

embrace the space between us that keeps me warm..

It’s hard to find the sun

in all that’s begun

Chaos and perfection

gnaw at my charred soul

slow it down and face it

let it make me whole..

There is always beauty in the ugly truth

‘wherever you go

there you are’

More than the sum of all you see..

The soundlessness has banished the critics that harness my soul..

scars will bleed

the disease of me will no longer be..

the fears are silenced into the atmosphere..