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Heartfelt ❤️

Published October 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Never certain what the day will bring loving him
Like A song not easy to write
But the challenge so worth it..
The breakthrough tantalizing
Always Changing my moments
Many moods he is
Intense gentle passionate strong weak
Up down quiet loud
A storehouse of love..
A spark of magic in him
In his eyes his smile
his touch
Beckoning me always
These arms of mine always wanting him
My love always growing
Always changing
Full of wonder excitement disappointment
Happy tears sad tears
A journey of love&dreams
I’d walk through it again&again
with you


My Heart to Yours..

Published October 24, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Could say goodbye a million different ways
A million different times
It’s only words..
Never is there a way to let go
Hole in my heart
Hangs on to our feelings..
Searching looking for that hope
A lifeline of any kind
Funny thing.. I’ll always be there
Wherever you are
Wherever you aren’t
Unsure if you’re ever coming back
Can’t stop the swelling of my eyes..
Is it possible to lose yourself to someone and not lose your way
Don’t know that it is..
Don’t know I want to be found
Lost in the magic of you
What a gift your love is was has been..
To yearn crave dream you
Thrills me hurts me fills me completes me..
Our love has always been
It will always be
The unknown
Covering the space that separates us❤️



Published October 15, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

She knew how to fall in love without trying
Like breathing air..
It was all around her
Traipsing about as it
Drew her in
Filling her with new life
As she opened up to it..
One moment after another
She absorbed him a little more
Each moment sweeter than the one before..
No more walls between them
Heart completely opened Soul Bared
Vulnerable safe exhilarated frightened
She broke all her rules for him
Something about it all
Making her want to stay..
for him she risked it all
Foolish? crazy?
All worth it..
Now what..
She feels the change
Knew it all along really
Said it could never be..
Storm is brewing
Chaotic heart
How Will she survive it?
Eyes wide open as they grew into a We..
Can she watch love die..
She’s not prepared to
He said he’d always catch her..
Haunted by Him
happy moments
The sweetest love
The saddest goodbye..
It will always be You