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Let the pen flow..

Published November 22, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


thoughts are.. can be
a gift, a guilty pleasure, a friend
Bringing to light forgotten blessings
Hidden treasures
Things dreamed of..
thoughts are sometimes a foe
releasing things buried
Things unknown fears pain uncertainties..
Complex emotions ideas become our thinking
becoming our muse..
love hate happiness anger strength power fear weaknesses..
Revealing the beauty of the human mind and all its’ worth..
No matter the emotions evoked
Or how much time passes in between writings
passion shared through writing is beautiful
food for the soul
I fall in love with it every time my hand gives in to the pen..




Published November 20, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Just the thought of you
Takes me back
When I see your face it stands me still
searing through to my soul..
Safely nestled deep within your cocoon of love i was..
Until it disintegrated into dirt and dust
evaporating into the abyss..
Didn’t I leave it all behind
on my way to new beginnings..
Oh I could fall again so easily
Memories coming alive
Your touch your feel
All to real
entrapping my heart like prey
So painful to be
entangled in your snare..
So good at spinning that web you are
Wrapped so tight
Devouring me at will
I lost sight
though I may wear scars that bleed
I found my way out
And see clearly now
your silken threads..


Veiled Eyes..

Published November 19, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Let me see what I choose to see
Believe what I want
Feel what I feel
It is real alive consuming
if only for a moment
It’s my fire
Let it burn
slow & painful or
wild out of control
A fire is still a fire
snuffing out life..
Is it worth it?
a river of delight
That I might live
A heart of laughter
Joy captured
Troubles miles away
It is worth every second moment & hour..
rearranging my heartstrings
playing a new melody
don’t stop the music
heart is singing
Soul is dancing..
you&me existing
in my shrouded eyes..image

Changing Winds..

Published November 13, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

To want him like him love him
was altogether wonderful..
needing him
Well.. That takes her breath away
Suffocating the truth can be..
never knowing the pain of such loneliness
heart slamming the wall
slowly painfully covering every inch as it shatters
Into shards so fine
She can’t feel it..
questioning the existence of it..
Fierce Winds keep blowing bits&pieces of that love every which way
So scattered weather-beaten
It vanishes into thin air
She trips about grasping for remnants of that sweet love..
It leads to no where
As if it never was..
It’s time
A moment that defines her
She takes a deep breath
trying to fill up her hollow heart..
Too many holes as she realizes
They never were..


Love Trippin…

Published November 10, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

A high She can’t seem to come down from
Though heights frighten her..
So much unknown to wrestle with
Though Afraid -she keeps following what is Known
the only thing that matters..
Connected hearts living out what they know
What they feel
Moment by moment coloring in that elusive rainbow
in their own way
Their own time..
Each shade a different story
Each smile unearthing a special moment
Hundreds of them
telling a life story
One that could only belong to her&him he&she them..
Couldn’t do it Alone
No words left to speak
No words needed..
A canvas of his love
With all its’ messy wonders
is painted all over her heart..


Ignited Bones

Published November 6, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

day in day out
clock always moving
with much the same..
No better no worse really..
No man’s land
We can almost forget we exist there
Until we can’t
that ever-present familiar angst rolling over us again
We are grateful for these moments I tell myself..
yet waiting hoping
hungry and anxious for better days
Feels like no one is listening
The days are not miserable
Only hard..
Crushing to watch him bear it all
He aches to wake whole
We ache with him for him..
Watching him fight for
Yearn for normal life..
disruptive uncomfortable physically and emotionally..
While i watch helplessly
No saving no rescuing..
He goes it alone moment by moment in his mind..
Never really alone
Love fuels his weary bones
While he searches for energy to do more than survive..
Without flinching
Even in the thick Of crazy
Though he trips
Arms of love grab him
Right back up he goes
moving forward
Refusing the dark
never giving up
Always believing
Always hoping
He finds his purpose in the moment
Falling back into life and loving what’s before him..


Out of the Dark

Published November 6, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Love them
Hold them close
This is what it’s all about
Moments in the soul..
Sought after cared for needed..
So worth giving
It all comes back
Seen & unseen
Spoken &Unspoken
It stays with them..
And for that moment
You changed their heart
Their mind their soul
Giving them all they didn’t know they needed..
You’ve strewn a light across their path
Who knows what tomorrow brings
Who cares
It’s happening now
Make it count
You’re in the Worthwhile moments
Maybe just maybe
they fight a little harder
Hanging on a little tighter
Shutting out doubts believing their worth
Letting go of fear
Feeling the magic in the fire
and the wonder in everything they see..



Published November 4, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

hello 😀 I’m very proud of my cousin.. His hard work dedication and never give up attitude ❤️

Check out the two links to his SoundCloud songs. They are free for all listeners.    ENJOY

Burn It Down:

Let It Grow:

Vito Mazzei II


Loved Her Scars..

Published November 2, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

His love roared
Louder than her tears
Softening her fears
Drowning out the demons that clawed at her..
until they lost their grip on her heart..
Tattered no more
The beat of his heart
covering her
The breath of his love enveloping her
Healing her
Nourishing her soul..
filling her mind as she grasped her frailties and fears did not make up the sum of her..
little did she know they only added to the magic of her
A heart so real so raw
You could not help but love her..
He knew she only needed a glimpse of true love’s light..
A love so bright
It would vanish the hurts that buried her heart mind and soul
He chose to love her in ways she never knew
He loved her scars..
She chose to believe
The desires of her heart set free
never to walk it alone again..