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Published February 24, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

let me land you
ground you
standing you tall..
the rain can’t drown you
the fire won’t burn you
stop running from it all
rid yourself of skin that holds you in
shedding yourself free
descend slowly into this love that envelops you
least we cease to be..
hear my heart sing
the words that bring you back
tears that fall away
I’ll catch them all..
touching down
you’ll feel the sounds of a heart
grounded and true..


Published November 15, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

insides churning
giving it my all
the fruit of my body
for the sins of my soul
grasping for ways to make myself whole..
dizzy in the winning..
a change has begun
sitting me still as light takes its’ run..
Thirsting for knowledge
can’t do me harm
open to learning
rewriting the wrong..
set loose within me
is a new song..

So can love…

Published November 2, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

You cover my soul in the whisper of your words..

inspire and delight me 
filling me whole..

Tender, captivating
connected throughout,
Waxing eloquently about my heart 
If pain can echo
So can love
a bit of madness from above.. 
No mystery in the quiet  
no fear in the unknown..
a challenge to my mind
a miracle to my heart..
i am but clay 
pliable and willing from the start..
beautiful creation 
as your words shape me 
your love turns me
molding my way..

Regretful delight..

Published February 17, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

Bittersweet you..

painful and pleasant regretful delight..

your aroma soothes my soul

such a pitiful sight..

my heart skips a beat with the aftertaste sweet..

in my haste

I failed to see

the deceit,

the greed,

and the pretense of your need..

I bow out with grace

no hate on my face

leave me be I plead

left alone

to wallow in disgrace..

I harbor no ill will..

for still – be as it may

I will display

Only the good..

my home full of memories

a mixture of sad with a heart full of glad..

an ending that must come – though it leaves me undone..

Not a given..

Published February 11, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

The seconds that tick

dissipate unaware

giving way to the day

creating moments that are rare..

unparalleled – unequal-

unique to their own..

not a given but a


your time like fine wine..

Take it in slow

savor it as it goes..

for if you’re lucky enough to see the value

of the time that entwines you

to those all around you

then you’re free to know

There is no hold

There is no goal

There is no premium on the giving of your soul..


Published January 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You stormed through my world
An indomitable force
gentle kind&full of life
an invincible fierce kind of love
Owning me at once
I am lost in your eyes
mine will never shut again
Like a lamp being turned on
Eclipsing all darkness
You light up my heart
Senses memorizing you
In Blissful Detail
the warmth of your skin
the rhythm of your breath
The touch of your lips
ears tingling at the sound of you
That voice
the melody my mind unwinds to
Brushing your fingers over my heart like strumming a guitar
merging my soul to yours until we are one..
It is you I long for
you I wish to enjoy life with
You are the one I adore
The one I love
The one my heart beats for..
You will always be my weakness making me strong..



Out of the Dark

Published November 6, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Love them
Hold them close
This is what it’s all about
Moments in the soul..
Sought after cared for needed..
So worth giving
It all comes back
Seen & unseen
Spoken &Unspoken
It stays with them..
And for that moment
You changed their heart
Their mind their soul
Giving them all they didn’t know they needed..
You’ve strewn a light across their path
Who knows what tomorrow brings
Who cares
It’s happening now
Make it count
You’re in the Worthwhile moments
Maybe just maybe
they fight a little harder
Hanging on a little tighter
Shutting out doubts believing their worth
Letting go of fear
Feeling the magic in the fire
and the wonder in everything they see..


Let’s Walk Backwards

Published September 24, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

The one who never leaves my mind..
The one who has invaded my dreams my heart my moments..
The one who makes me crazy happy
And just plain ole crazy All my days
Walking side by side
Strong together
Weathering it all..
wishing you were right here
As always
Before life’s changes took over..
Let’s walk backwards
And get lost there
Is it possible..
I can feel you
the essence of you..
And I’m covered in your love..
grateful that memories allow me to live one moment at a time any way i want..
forever grateful for you ❤️


Always Tomorrow.. not always 

Published September 4, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


They You I Them

We are all the same

Wanting needing searching yearning 

for kindness

A Gentle touch

Sweet gestures

Simple caring words

Filled by it..

Puts a smile on our face 

Just to know someone

Anyone remembers us

Thinks of us

Simply cares..

What has happened..

Why do we find this so hard to do..

Why do we stop doing things that matter..

Too busy

do it later 



Is any reason good enough?

What are we fighting so hard for?

Always chasing life

Yet Letting it slip through our fingers..

Always after.. Later..

After is too late

Later never comes 

Don’t drown in regrets

Let’s live our lives gratefully&thankfully

There is no time like now..

All things are possible…

Published June 20, 2013 by lamarrwenrich


She existed…faceless, voiceless, unseen. Her thoughts rambling–in-cohesive…if I get it out on paper, it’s not screaming in my head. At least that’s what they say. I’m naked, open, vulnerable. Words no longer making sense–vibrating in my mind until they seep through the cracks of my skull…tired, worn and in need of rest from her own thoughts. That bit of knowledge escapes her though. She puts the journal down and throws the pen as far as she can and waits. Her big, beautiful hazel eyes following it as the pen sails through the air. She was hoping it would hit the water. Then she gets distracted–a problem in her life lately. The music gets louder–setting her thoughts free. She knows this song must have been written for her. The relief it brings to her soul is magical. Unaware that the music has brought her to her feet–she is spinning, arms stretched out catching the wind, carefree and weightless. Eyes closed and smiling she is that young girl again–lost in time. Refusing to reconcile the past and present, she spins faster and faster until her legs get tangled up in her long, white skirt. The fall is gentle as she lands in the sand. She is a beautiful mess… long, tangled, brown hair going every direction and sand sprinkled all over her now. She can’t help but giggle as she sits up wiping the sand off her mouth. Her smile gives way to sadness…her look becomes sullen and the tears come quickly. I’m living someone else’s dream; she lifts her head and screams, but only in her mind. Can anyone hear me?…running 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction–does anyone see me disappearing?

Everyone tells her she is fine, that it will all pass. It’s just a phase and her cup will overflow when she gets back up on her feet. The weariness cannot be hidden–her very footsteps revealing her angst…I don’t know where I belong or where I’m going. Living a thousand lives but none of them mine… I can’t do it anymore. She misses her–that reflection looking back at her. So many dreams shattered–gone forever. There are memories of a once carefree and happy girl. Entranced in her thoughts, she smiles and traces the outline of her face in the window of a busy coffee shop as she passes by it. She is unaware of the stares. She draws strength. I don’t know you but I want to…I have a choice…I have time… Is this my hopeful voice I hear?…

The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks lulls her to sleep. The tension along her forehead easing off as she gives into the peaceful sleep it brings her. This is all she wants at the moment–surrounded by her children, husband and the ocean. It’s never long enough–her thoughts creeping back in–exploding in her mind. Pain, anger and frustration return along with that all to familiar lump in her throat. Why is my heart restless?…I cannot be the only one feeling this way. Anger sets her on a path of self destruction but it will be friendship, love and acceptance that break her free from the valley of the shadow of death.

Life is hers for the taking–so many possibilities, so many choices. Dancing and singing on broadway and teaching children have danced in her mind for as long as she can remember. Her long, slender body, with all its’ grace and poise is a display of all she hopes for; each small tattoo revealing a layer of her dreams. But she is fearful of choosing the wrong one. Everyone wants something different for her. Everyone seems to know exactly what will make her happy… except her. Disappointment is her biggest enemy but not for herself. The thought of letting anyone down is unthinkable and certainly not acceptable. Where do I go from here?… She’s been taught love, shown strength and given hope. Opening her eyes, she allows herself to see life for the first time in a very long while. No longer afraid, no longer alone…