Published February 24, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

let me land you
ground you
standing you tall..
the rain can’t drown you
the fire won’t burn you
stop running from it all
rid yourself of skin that holds you in
shedding yourself free
descend slowly into this love that envelops you
least we cease to be..
hear my heart sing
the words that bring you back
tears that fall away
I’ll catch them all..
touching down
you’ll feel the sounds of a heart
grounded and true..

12 comments on “grounded..

  • I was just giving you RAVE reviews!!!! You are unbelievably talented…
    The comments I’m receiving in my messenger… Are so touched

    “Lamarr’s poem is really very beautiful 🖤🖤🖤 How beautiful that she recognises that love also means bumping into each other again and again, experiencing low points, being confronted with one’s shadows, growing together, being one again, the sum of shared memories and two separate particles again. Like a phoenix that bursts into flames and arises anew from the ashes.”


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