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Except Everything..

Published September 16, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


For one moment you have peace
All is okay in the world
until it isn’t
And in that instant we panic
Run – give up..
Hope so easily lost
We forget the trenches we’ve climbed out of
The mountains we’ve scaled
The pain we’ve endured
The strength that we discovered within through the love that carries us
Don’t fear the changes
They will come
Let it grow you – inspire you – push you move you and
As the wind blows you here&there
loosen your grip
Listen to the whispers of life as it whirls you about
There is a gentleness to be found in chaos
The only constant in life is
Nothing really changes
except everything


Nomadic Heart..

Published September 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


The chill of your heart seeps through to my bones leaving me frigid
My heart is not wooden
I will not die while I’m living
I reach out craving the feeling of you
My hand falls through the empty dead space
dread fills my heart
Stop holding on so tight to hate
Just let yourself be held
aren’t you tired of running..
my arms can hold you still
fill you with meaning
It’s the simple things that
Create the good things
let my warmth thaw the frost surrounding you and
my love will wrap around your heart
Set those vagabond feet still
and wandering will be no more..



Above All Else

Published September 2, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


What is its’ purpose
so aggressive in its’ silence
Poisoning us to the core
So loud in its’ destructive ways
Mutilating souls from the inside out..
Silently dulling our senses
Until we no longer see
We no longer hear
We no longer feel
We are no longer real
giving us hearts of steel.
Fight against it..
Don’t say you can’t
But of course you can
you will find a way out
walk through it until you own it
find the freedom of being present here&now
And not looking behind or to be ahead
It’s now that counts.. The rest is gone or not quite here
love the simple of the moment
That is what makes life so grand.. the complex simple
The ugly beautiful – the pain bearable..
Bitter should never take root in your beautiful heart
let life explode within it..