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Published January 26, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


darkness closing in..
Her muscles twitch
Jittery and nervous
Desperate for this long awaited hour
Needing her world
The silent noises subside
Her mind relaxes
giving in to the dark..
She walks quickly to the bedroom
her torn dingy white gown trailing behind her
Collapsing on the bed inaudible sounds slip
from her throat..
Eyes closed she rises
as it all comes to life
She senses him
Feels him calling
As the closet door creaks open slowly
Anticipation is etched across her weary face
Nothing but dust particles float out in all directions
She gasps wondering where he’s been hiding
She reaches out tentatively
ever so gently
Somehow aware this is a fragile moment she dares not breathe
Ecstatic he’s joined her
She reaches out her hand
And knows he’s always been here
in all her dreams this is how she sees him..
He reaches back
He twirls her round and round drawing her close until she feels his breath upon her face..
Breathing in deeply she sighs..
A teardrop slips out
rolling down her cheek
smearing her dream
Her eyes flash open
wild with fear and pain
Her colorful dream fading..
giving way to black&white
No.. She moans..
Clutching his picture she curls up
How long till she sees his face again..
Darkness closing in on her
She fades to black





Published January 22, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Ricocheting so quietly
It is frighteningly loud
can’t hear my tears..
they are speaking words that shatter to the ground before they reach your ears..
Shooting from those lips that were once so gentle
Words flying at me like daggers
Bulls eye..
Empty you say
Meaningless you say
but oh it hurts so..
each one deeper than the last
The Wounds are fatal
Can’t dodge the bullets anymore
Can’t stop the hemorrhaging
Hear the ripping
It’s my heart bleeding out
Can’t keep up with this walk of pain
Who told you your aim wasn’t deadly
That your words are harmless
They pierce so clean
So fine so deep
they slice right through
You’re burying me alive..





Published January 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


It began on that knoll..
Too good to be real
Too real to be true..
Feeling his smile from afar as she drives up
She feels herself flush
Colors changing quickly on her face – her heart banging against her chest so loudly she is certain he can hear it..
He is at her side in seconds
Brave strong commanding in presence
Gentle in his touch
His soft lips graze hers
She never takes her eyes off of him as he softly strokes her face
Drinking him in..
The Electricity between them palpable
who knew such a connection
The coupling of two souls could exist without them being aware of it until this moment..
A simple hello
Started a fire that can’t be quenched
A hunger to know more
A mind eager to be filled with words from him..
Only he will do..
The unknown
Anticipation excitement
Her heart racing in ways she didn’t know existed
The wonderment of each other
Tripping over words
Speaking out of turn
Her eyes searching his
Seeking out truths
She needs to know what she is doing
His eyes bore holes through to her soul As he fixates on her
reading her mind
Drawing her in
What is happening
Confusion excitement bewilderment
how she could have such emotions for him..
This thing.. A friendship missed in all those many moments of life
And now exploding into a thing.. She was at a loss to label it
Words evade her
No way to know or imagine such an innocent beginning could cause such a fever within her..
Stop this she says over&over to herself
Wake up open your eyes..
She can no longer hear herself
Slipping away she feels him invading her piece by piece
as if her person knew something she didn’t
There will be no turning back
No undoing what is happening to her mind heart and body..
Every part of her wanting to know every part of him
Vulnerable scared thrilled
Scarcely breathing
She knows she’ll be his
He caresses her with his love
She is filled with the light of it..
Arms gently wrapping around her
He fills her mind with his words
He steals her heart with his tenderness
He owns her body with his touch..
She willingly gives all that she is to have all that is him..



Published January 17, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

feeling it
I reach out to grab it
I know it’s there
I feel your breath
hear your laugh
see your smile
Awake asleep
real time..
You are there
Imaginings in my head
wistful heart
hanging on to its’ dreamcatcher hopes
believing emotions like this could never fade..
Bursting forth like flowers in spring
It flourishes
it does so all on its’ own..
No place to call its’ home
No one to tend to it
No one to shelter it
Protect it guard it
grow it..
It is so real
The roaring of its’ love heard in all its’ silence
The beating of my heart
giving it strength & life..
Desire and passion
growing stronger with each breath
Waiting to be one with you
Illogical non-rational is the You rooted deeply within me..




Just Before the Dawn

Published January 13, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You are My rays from the sun..
Waves of euphoria sweeping over me
This skin I’m all wrapped up is melting from the heat of your love
Feels nothing like myself
Love has swept through me
Not the sell your soul to the devil kind of love
No.. The kind you’re hoping to never wake up from..
Hauntingly good
Didn’t know I was lost
you found me
And gave me back myself..
My own strength to stand on
Your love my foundation
So subtle..
small ray of light filling my soul
lighting up my world..
My dawn of the night
Breaking through.. casting your glow of love all over me
I am fascinated as I watch myself fall deeper in love
Irresistible beautiful
Held captive by the twilight of you.




Free in Love

Published January 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Heart throbbing
been set free in
He is Captivated addicted
no longer caring about anything or anyone
Only Her..
perfection is all he sees as she
Moves about In her not so graceful way
Her clumsy beauty endearing her to him
Admiration that keeps growing
A new beginning
limitless love..
she has no idea she makes love to his soul with just a glance
leaves him craving more
She gives him a smile
he catches his breath..
Stunned by the intensity of it all
Her love
flowing from the inside of her
bubbling outward
Radiating her face..
Sparkling out of her bright eyes
casting a glow on her soft porcelain cheeks..
His mind gushes with emotions he can’t contain
moments wrapped up in thoughts of her..
She is everywhere
owning his heart
Bewitched beguiled..
Happy to be caught
Basking in the warmth of his deep affection for her
Open to a lifetime
There is no love without freedom..


Bleed for You

Published January 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Cuts through to my core
Ripping me apart..
I wish to be whole
Begging my heart
pleading with my mind
to no longer feel you..
I hurt everywhere
even my smile aches
The pain staggering
till I’m certain my teeth are stained red
Bleeding for you..
What does it mean..
I feel it as my fingers touch you
Recoiling at the hurt anger
Betrayal of our forever..
It only takes a moment
before memories come seeping in through my fingertips as ours hands entwine..
Your magic grasping my heart
gathering its’ shredded pieces
my tears falling so fast
the pain is forgotten
in the salty wet mess my face has become..
same difference
I want you I need you
Our love is rare
Kiss me deeply
Take me back to our moments
where I’m adored cherished and loved..
Bury my loneliness in your heart
In you I’m whole
I’ll bleed for you





Published January 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You stormed through my world
An indomitable force
gentle kind&full of life
an invincible fierce kind of love
Owning me at once
I am lost in your eyes
mine will never shut again
Like a lamp being turned on
Eclipsing all darkness
You light up my heart
Senses memorizing you
In Blissful Detail
the warmth of your skin
the rhythm of your breath
The touch of your lips
ears tingling at the sound of you
That voice
the melody my mind unwinds to
Brushing your fingers over my heart like strumming a guitar
merging my soul to yours until we are one..
It is you I long for
you I wish to enjoy life with
You are the one I adore
The one I love
The one my heart beats for..
You will always be my weakness making me strong..