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Melancholy Heart..

Published February 26, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

life is full of mystique

the unexpected causing us to always seek..

some uncertainties shrouded in mysteries to great to grasp

leaving it’s unforeseen moments creating our past..

I may look the same

sound the same

Feel the same

But I have no name

My insides screaming for all we can’t see..

my heartbeat – once your haven –

come to me

lay your head to rest where it longs to be

as the sounds of the beat bring you home to the retreat of Me..

We are circling the sun

open your eyes so you can see..

Let our hearts feel how it used to be..

I’ll always need you as the moon says hello

to the sun as it eclipses its’ glow..

I’ll follow you anywhere as long as it’s everywhere in this life of the great unknown..

You &Me..

Published February 24, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

The silence around you is louder than usual

Crazy as it seems

Crazy as it is

the radio silence drives me..

mutations of your heart..

The more extreme

the closer I feel I know your being..

Am I hallucinating

Or is this real

Because it’s you I no longer feel..

I’m grieving more than just you

For you see

I’ve lost me

we are one person

We are two alone

Always multiplying into the unknown

Now I’m not so sure

was i you


Am I me..

Mind Games

Published February 23, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

a collection of choices..

Do they make you

Break you

forsake you..


masquerade slipping away

The loose ends fall nicely at my feet

You believe I can wrap it up nice and neat..

I’m magical, incredible such a treat..

You’re aren’t in love with me you see..

You’re in love with you and

How you feel when I make you real..

Your hurts have been harsh

They hit you like steel

I’m a source of energy

bringing you back to life

helping you let go of strife..

Let me pull back the shades

revealing all the charades..

I know you’re weakness

It’s freedom in the madness

The more mad, the more free.. revel in who you choose to be..

it’s a new dawn

A new day

A new you..

Worth the fall..

Published February 18, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

those ears.. eager to hear what they wish to believe

They listen with hunger and zest

wishing to settle all this unrest

Pour it all out – little by little

gleaning it up until You get your fill

and it becomes the absolute real even as it sits you still..

One lie turns into many and the truth gets lost until a lie is all that’s left

at such a cost – it’s crushing heavy in your chest..

It will leave you walking on your knees as you grieve what you can’t perceive..

Stand strong – don’t give in to fit where you don’t belong..

Comfort is a tough thing to give away

Don’t fear what you don’t know

Allow yourself to grow

Stand tall

The end game is worth the fall..

Turn the Page..

Published February 11, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

I see empty space through your face as time stands still..

Those child eyes alive with fear that always see more than there is

I see it too

I travel through you

Sitting beautifully still and feeling everything you do

Miles away – you still shine through

completing everything I thought I knew

Come what may I won’t fade away, though it’s hazy and turning gray..

memories will hold me

And carry us through

There’s no escaping the fate of you..

I’ll keep you safe as I tuck us in and brace for the phase about to begin..

What’s etched on the heart is here to stay though the words keep changing day by day..

we may put to rest the story we knew

But the pages keep turning for me & you..

Something of us..

Published February 9, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

aging and sagging in place of the smiles

Exhaustion and tiredness instead of sweet miles

Our eyes becomes shaded and jaded with time

And genuine hopefulness turns on a dime

But stand where He is and hold out your hand

He sees beauty and grace across my face

Restoring and loving me despite my haste

Because of His wonderfulness I can finish this race..

I love the nothing that makes me long to be that something of us..

Puppet Man

Published February 5, 2018 by lamarrwenrich


Pull your string
Watch you beam
and act like it is all as it seems..
your house looks like it’s made of stone – strong and solid to the bone..
Opened you wide
hidden inside
is an inner layer filled with hate – no one able to knock down that gate..
Moments that words can no longer reach –
someone like you they cannot teach
though You’re gone – i see your face
I always say you only need space
Give me the time – give me your mind
I’ll grind out your insides as you unwind..
set up new wiring and restring you throughout-
pulling them tight until they’re just right..
as you move about with sheer delight,
your light will once again learn to shine bright..


Fairy Dust…

Published February 5, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

I loved you before I knew what it was

My heart calling out before I could verbalize your name..

Walking toward you before I understood you existed

A longing – I felt

a yearning – I taste

a reckoning of the soul to be made whole..

It beckons me..

I envy the peace of the dead

The quiet in the head-

one I’ve never known..

They want me to hold on

Feel the heartbeat – don’t give in to defeat..

My beginning never got to start

Now I ask you – put me in the ground

Let me end where I began

I can’t exist in this magical land

Let me be the fairy dust in your hand.