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Worth the fall..

Published February 18, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

those ears.. eager to hear what they wish to believe

They listen with hunger and zest

wishing to settle all this unrest

Pour it all out – little by little

gleaning it up until You get your fill

and it becomes the absolute real even as it sits you still..

One lie turns into many and the truth gets lost until a lie is all that’s left

at such a cost – it’s crushing heavy in your chest..

It will leave you walking on your knees as you grieve what you can’t perceive..

Stand strong – don’t give in to fit where you don’t belong..

Comfort is a tough thing to give away

Don’t fear what you don’t know

Allow yourself to grow

Stand tall

The end game is worth the fall..


Published January 28, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Why the inferno raging within..

you’re lost in the haze

Hidden in the blaze

It’s not in the look you create

Nor in the steps you make

Nor in the pretenses you strive to fake

Let the smoke choke out who you aren’t..

Don’t forget who you are..

each breath taken with care, purpose, passion..

deeply imbedded within

taste the goodness – feel the greatness –

live the fullness of life..

Give to yourself what you give to me

Such a beautiful human that needs to be free..

Wonderful beautiful you

Burn fiercely

shine brightly

walk strongly

unleash yourself from the games alight in your mind-

free from the lies being told

and leave behind the stories waiting to unfold..

Each Stroke..

Published January 8, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


Brush me into your world..
Swirl us into a canopy of love
The unspeakable beautiful wonder of it all
Leaves the world breathless as they see it, feel it
wanting more of what dreams are made of..
You aren’t just something
You are everything
opening me up to a whole new world
enlightening my vision
Opening my eyes
Your love pouring life into me
Each stroke of you causing my heart to beat fully for the first time
What a portrait you’ve painted
Leaving my soul with your indelible mark of beauty



Live&Die on Love

Published October 5, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

It doesn’t discriminate
It catches you unaware
No prejudicial treatment there
Death doesn’t differentiate either
It knows no difference of race sex or age
We all fall the same
Love the same
hurt and live the same
hard to distinguish Between the sinner & the saint
I could be life I could be death
Could be love could be hate
Let me stay and show you what I’ll create
When you smile I fall apart
tears trickle down my face
I’ve always thought
sacredness lies within them
Not cowardice..
It’s a love that knows no bounds
Yet love itself binds me up until I can no longer see..
Get lost in me
And you will see what a
Contradiction love can be..



Published April 4, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Blinded by the dazzling currents passing through her
Nothing making sense
seared by the thought of him
Inseparably together is how she feels
Uncertain where reality starts and fantasy ends
Her heart has blurred her mind
They’ve become one
It all looks the same
She wears him and he wears her
Her happiness and elation so quickly deflates.. Knowing they can’t possibly have what they want
Just a beautiful dream growing in them..
unsure & feeling lost
She wants what she imagines
Afraid her imaginings are better than where her feet are planted
Afraid she’s lost perception to truth
She reminds herself to want what she has
No bitter will take root in her
She buries the seed that has sprouted
closing herself to it
No matter that she envisions his skin next to hers
Her eyes cast down
Heavy with dreams she sighs,
So much wanting to make him mine she cries..
Her Untamed heart bleeding for him..
She will leave his colors behind
Knowing where she was is beautiful..