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By Design

Published November 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


This boundless anticipation that has a hold of me..
I feel it
I know I’ve found it
the purpose and joy of it all
In all things there is perfect timing
And though some things hurt and there is no understanding it
Something good always comes out of our pain..
keep moving
New beginnings are filled with unknown treasures
Nothing is for nothing
Life is purposeful and we are the reasons
the love and the basis of it all
It will be how it should be..
Absorb your days with opened eyes – a willing spirit
A loving heart and a grateful mind..
Celebrate thanksgiving with a happy heart and a love for life



Published November 21, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Your Words paint the walls of my mind
What I see I feel
It is unreal
Where I stand is beautiful
Because I am free
It’s where I should be..
take that step with me
We won’t just drift into an incredible we
Grab hold of our passion and persevere
Here are my hands
hold them tight
Here are my arms
Let them bind you up
Here are my feet carrying my soul to you
Here are my eyes burning only for you..
my heart
I’m letting it soar – hear it roar
as my all beats for you


Without Wrinkles for Stains

Published November 15, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Without wrinkles for stains

I hugged you goodnight
You didn’t fall asleep alone
I wrap you in my love
I wish you the most wonderful everything
For a love this sweet knows no bounds
Though it can bring sadness
It is the happiest sad I’ve ever known..
My love is an open book with the pages wisping in the wind
The breeze records my whispers of adoration sending them your way
I’ll always be here
Where that is exactly I’m not sure..
But here is my heart for you to hold
Sway with me
Movements of a tender love
One can’t measure another’s heart
For we love equally- yet differently making each love unique
So I will love you and you will love me
without wrinkles for stains
Surrendering our all..


Free to be..

Published November 7, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Held down no more..
Love actually sets us free
Free to be who we are
Free to love without fear
Love is limitless
and its’ joy cannot be contained..
there is no controlling love
Only protecting it – growing with it – changing bending and flowing with it
It runs through our being and becomes us
It causes me to go deep into my soul – see where I’m growing or standing still
I wish to never be flippant about something so treasured, unique and valued
There is no price or way to measure the beauty of love and how it fills ones’ heart..
There is also no greater tragedy than when love is allowed to become a weapon..
it can twist destroy and kill one inside causing utter destruction
Leaving such chaos in its’ wake..
Unchain yourself
Walk free in all that is yours to be
Guard what is yours
for there is no greater gift than love for you and me..