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Without Wrinkles for Stains

Published November 15, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Without wrinkles for stains

I hugged you goodnight
You didn’t fall asleep alone
I wrap you in my love
I wish you the most wonderful everything
For a love this sweet knows no bounds
Though it can bring sadness
It is the happiest sad I’ve ever known..
My love is an open book with the pages wisping in the wind
The breeze records my whispers of adoration sending them your way
I’ll always be here
Where that is exactly I’m not sure..
But here is my heart for you to hold
Sway with me
Movements of a tender love
One can’t measure another’s heart
For we love equally- yet differently making each love unique
So I will love you and you will love me
without wrinkles for stains
Surrendering our all..


Awakened 🌟

Published August 29, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

She closed her eyes
deeply inhaling..
Hearing the crashing of the waves
Tasting the salt in the air
Gentle breeze
Squawking seagulls
Lost in the aroma of her awakened senses
She sees it all..
sand shining from the reflection of the sun
Warmth to her worn mind
Lanky Legs stretched out
Tilted head
Gypsy hair all over the place
Her thoughts giving into the mood
A smile spreads across her face
There is time to feel now
The beauty of a cloudless sky
Hearing the squeals of laughing babes..
Feeling the rays soften as the sun set
Nurturing to her mind..
Senses alive fed stimulated..
She absorbs it all
living every moment completely..
Feeling inspired
In love with her life ❤️