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Wide Eyed

Published March 30, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Dreaming with a hopeful heart
Never give up I am told
So much, yet, to unfold
Possibilities abound
We are never apart
you live in my heart
It beats to the magic of us
I close my eyes, we come to life
Dancing in the moonlight
All I need is the breath that you breathe
Indulge me my fantasies
Your hands on me
Your arms swallowing me up
Let me wallow in your love
Rolling in it till I’m smothered..
Your untold
secrets – innermost thoughts
Divulge them to me
each word like a piece of art
unique to my heart
The distance that looms won’t keep us apart
I don’t want the impossible
Just want to see through you
and oh my
What a beautiful view..
Just to get close to you
please see me through
Oh baby
My dreams depend on you..



Fragile Strength

Published March 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Finish me..
Don’t leave me hanging
blind me
gouge them out as you have my heart
rather than watch you leave
Turn me off
Won’t go back to life without you
I’ll never see clearly again
a fragmented existence
Without color without love
Just Erase me..
It is not living
You are my sun in the sky
There will be no new dawn
Shine on me don’t leave me dark
I’m So easily forgotten
Your memory won’t die
Your fingertips..softest caresses of happiness
That beautiful touch now wounding
Maiming me beyond recognition
You’re sharpening the knife
Will I be your sacrifice?…
Twist it in slowly
Give me time to breath with holes as i grasp reality..
Better yet Let’s pretend
raise my hope
I’ll take your truth and twist it into my truth until it becomes our truth..
Our love is as deep as the sea
Oh what we could be
If you would just see
We are strong in We
Let’s begin anew
Just me and you..


In the Shadows

Published March 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Shadows of you in the sun
images dancing in my thoughts
seared in my mind
Carved in my heart
Wind blows and wraps me in your touch
The river flows in you and out to me watering my soul
You are everywhere
and no where
So far away missing you
my mind has succumbed to its’ own world.. One where it’s you&I..
It is most beautiful
Find me in it
no lonely moments
as we stroll hand in hand
Togetherness is all I’m after
Can you hear my mind screaming your name
Words fall through me as I shout it out
Can’t see where you’re coming from
Or what you’re running to
My heart is out there
Today and every day
waiting In the shadows for your touch..



Lost in Me

Published March 26, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Irresistible are my words to your ears..
Slowly dripping into your heart
pulling you deeper within
falling into love
Building you up
sending you flying
Bringing you down
Spinning you out of control
The secret of me you have fully discovered
opening me up you tumbled in
losing your way in my maze of love
No beginning no end
Pandora’s box come to life
I’ll be the best trouble you’ve ever known
your heart in my hands
I have discovered your secret place too
You’ll never be hidden again
Nor will you be free
You’ll never have enough of me..


Sing Me Free

Published March 22, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Sing to me
My Songbird
something tells me it’s all you
you light my fire
It all comes back to desire
Your melody floats through the air
It beckons me
My feet are grounded for the first time flying high with you,
overflowing with unspeakable passion
The happiest of tears watering the world
Leaving your beauty every place they touch
such lyrics my ears have never heard
A pitch my heart has never felt
my body swaying to a beat all our own..
Bringing out the best in me
Singing me free…



Her Own Story

Published March 21, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


All the dreams inside her broke..
Too big to be true
She deemed herself not worthy.. She was not to be one of those people..
What people exactly – she questioned over and over..
You know- she answered- the ones that walk through life with all the answers.. the seemingly perfect ones..
Silence loomed as she waited answers on life.. The white noise scared her knowing she had no clue what she was waiting for..longing for or seeking.. The journey seemed overwhelming.. There were no written instructions or guidelines just this big hole that kept sucking her in..
she couldn’t see what others saw, blinded by her shaded eyes nor could she hear the love that surrounded her, buried so deep in her own words of self-doubt.
Yet she was multitudes of beauty.. so much she gave to others by just being her..
deep within she shined and it poured out everywhere on everyone..
Berating herself for being fickle and fearful she looked inward and heard her heart dying..
finding it treacherous that she didn’t respect herself
She set out to change that..
no longer would she wait for some miracle to happen
It struck her that the miracle was hers to create any way she wished.. With a clean slate and opened mind she was willing to embrace the complexity of the unknown..
she would strive to know herself
No longer willing to be what she thought she should be
She was ready to let her own story be written
embracing the chaos with excitement
she walked away from all the questions and found her exclamation point to life..



She Stood Up

Published March 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Darkness was falling upon their world
could life be this cruel she wondered
It spread through him like a wildfire..
Like a virus with no cure
devouring her sweet love from the inside out
No warning without notice
Threatening to blanket any glimpse of life.. of hope..
How could she save them
Protect her babes from the nightmare unfolding before them
The suffocation unreal and much too much to bare..
Her knees buckled
Legs to weak to hold her up she collapsed unaware that she hit the floor..
Unaware of the pain shooting up her legs
Paralyzed by fear by shock anger hurt confusion..
Could she do this
Can she walk through this
It’s her strength they will need Her love that will fill them cover them..
Their means to carry on..
She buries her face in her trembling hands, anguished by the pain that is smothering her..
Who will cover me she moans..
Please – she begged to no one and everyone –
let me close my eyes and change my reality
She was immobilized
Yet she could feel her arms flailing
Could see the splash of tears as they hit the smooth wood beneath her.. The puddle growing as her heartbreak rolled down her face..
His smiling face..his gentle touch.. Their loving moments flashed before her..
And she knew
She stood up in her mind
Screaming shouting at her thoughts – fighting to hold back the monsters swallowing her up
On her knees she felt arms wrapping around her..
She looked down through her tears and realized the limbs belonged to her..
The essence of him enveloping her and with certainty she knew she would be enough
Because he would always cover her.. never leaving her to stand alone
she will be strong in the gift of his love
So she stood up
barely audible as her lips quivered – goodbye love..
She opened her arms to it
willing to be split open..



And then he saw her..

Published March 13, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Entranced..                                                                      It felt like the rays of sunlight filtering through the mountaintops
Glittering as cascades of emeralds on fire
Colors without description
showcasing their beauty..
yet it paled in comparison to the vision that stood before him..
He trembled with fascination at the stirrings of his heart that she brought about..
Not just rumblings but roaring
A magnetic energy she exuded..
A beautiful soul stood before him..
A rare treasure
He knew not what to do..
For to do nothing would be everything..
So he let the natural bleeding take its’ course as the tears flowed..




Published March 12, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I carry the secrets of it all
I know everything and nothing not just immersed in life
I am consuming it
Free enough to choose to be
open enough to be free
Much more than dreaming life
I’m living the moments
the love the hate the good the bad the happy the sad
keeping me alive and fully awake
accepting of what it brings
I won’t miss out sleep walking through life
Skin in the game
Noting myself
learning from me
I find it to be quite the teacher..
so many mistakes so many lessons
Growing me changing me
Raising me up
Be smarter be better be open
Don’t try so hard
don’t want so much
Pure want wears you down
Live in the feeling where you never want it to end
Knowing it always will..



Intuitive Knowing

Published March 11, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Did I exist with you in another time
spending moments of wonder
Lost in the passions of our minds
consumed with the feel of one another
intermingling body mind soul
It’s much more than love that absorbs my being
It’s Deeper.. cutting through me
each sensation a wound
exhilaratingly painful
releasing you more & more into my core
Until I exist no more
I’ve become you
I’m opened
exposed bare naked vulnerable..
It is unsettling destabilizing ungrounding
I wish to remain so
Enticing.. Wanting only us
Hungry for more of you
Such a feeling without words
I sense you in everything
I taste you
I see you without image
I touch you without touch
the essence of you inhabiting me
I am done
Back to where it all begun..