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Wide Eyed

Published March 30, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Dreaming with a hopeful heart
Never give up I am told
So much, yet, to unfold
Possibilities abound
We are never apart
you live in my heart
It beats to the magic of us
I close my eyes, we come to life
Dancing in the moonlight
All I need is the breath that you breathe
Indulge me my fantasies
Your hands on me
Your arms swallowing me up
Let me wallow in your love
Rolling in it till I’m smothered..
Your untold
secrets – innermost thoughts
Divulge them to me
each word like a piece of art
unique to my heart
The distance that looms won’t keep us apart
I don’t want the impossible
Just want to see through you
and oh my
What a beautiful view..
Just to get close to you
please see me through
Oh baby
My dreams depend on you..