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Pieces of You

Published January 26, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


Devastation is all you see
you crumbled..
desperate sounds slipping from your lips
Every fiber of my being hurting, aching as I watch it steal pieces of you
You are deeply personal to me
ever so beautiful
You’re absent in heart but not alone in your fear..
I will wrap around you until you see through your heart once again..
Laughing without reservation
Hoping without seeing
Running through to tomorrow free
Your darkest hour is not your defining moment
You will live once more because hope is real – tangible within you
And your broken pieces will be made whole



Published January 23, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

My love
I sense your presence..
succumbing to it
It’s the truth of my heart my mind my soul..
It guides me in all ways giving me joy without measure
pulling me out of my darkest moments
Our passion is bigger than us
Leaving me raw
the tears keep coming
I wake with them
Walk with them
Sleep with them..
Oh My bleeding heart
pain unbearable
for you are stunningly silent..
Underneath the eerie quiet is us
wanting, waiting to be heard again
In the smallest of things I give you my all
We are an endless story



Published January 16, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


I wear our history on my face
memories spilling out as I smile
The map of us shaping my heart
I see your shadow everywhere
It calls to me
soothing, warm, embracing
I hear you in the wind of my soul
There we dance
there we celebrate
There we live..
forever engraved in my heart
loving you is such a beautiful privilege and
to have walked together leaves me in silent joy
I’ll always wish there was a way to get back home..


Cover Me

Published January 14, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Cover Me

You encapsulate my every thought
emotions set free in the captivity of you
never to be the same
wildly, passionately unleashed
I have a freedom they do not understand
It defies logic
I trust each door that opens before me
Fear has lost its’ grip
allowing my mind to roam
To be the moment that surrounds me
I’ve been inspired
What a remarkable beautiful truth you have given me
I lust for life
we grow as one, we love as one, we rise as one..
Your love cocooning around me, protecting me like a perfectly fitted sheath
Cover me in all that you are..img_1466

Each Stroke..

Published January 8, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


Brush me into your world..
Swirl us into a canopy of love
The unspeakable beautiful wonder of it all
Leaves the world breathless as they see it, feel it
wanting more of what dreams are made of..
You aren’t just something
You are everything
opening me up to a whole new world
enlightening my vision
Opening my eyes
Your love pouring life into me
Each stroke of you causing my heart to beat fully for the first time
What a portrait you’ve painted
Leaving my soul with your indelible mark of beauty