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Published October 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

all of it demeaning..
the louder you talk
the more you share
no one can hear
no one cares..
quiet your mind
silence your mouth
listen for once
without a shout
walk away from all the doubt..
wishing you
fearing you
nightmare to be had
laughter through the tears
takes away the sad..
my mind has been eclipsed
changing with the seasons
never hating - no regrets
not looking for the reasons..


Published January 23, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

My love
I sense your presence..
succumbing to it
It’s the truth of my heart my mind my soul..
It guides me in all ways giving me joy without measure
pulling me out of my darkest moments
Our passion is bigger than us
Leaving me raw
the tears keep coming
I wake with them
Walk with them
Sleep with them..
Oh My bleeding heart
pain unbearable
for you are stunningly silent..
Underneath the eerie quiet is us
wanting, waiting to be heard again
In the smallest of things I give you my all
We are an endless story


Want what you want But…

Published August 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

a work of love in progress
That’s what we are❤️
be good be kind be gentle love You
No one does it better
Searching yearning seeking
In every other place
Trying to fill that void
It will leave you empty Unsatisfied & unhappy
Blinding you from truths
Binding you up
Shutting out your own joys
Want what you want
But love what you have
Love who you are
Sets you Free to love others
Love just to love
Surrender to it
So much fun it is..
An unending journey
After all
It is always changing
Don’t miss out on your own life
It is full of Sweet surprises in the most unlikely places🌟