Published October 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

all of it demeaning..
the louder you talk
the more you share
no one can hear
no one cares..
quiet your mind
silence your mouth
listen for once
without a shout
walk away from all the doubt..
wishing you
fearing you
nightmare to be had
laughter through the tears
takes away the sad..
my mind has been eclipsed
changing with the seasons
never hating - no regrets
not looking for the reasons..

5 comments on “Stillness..

  • WOW, what a great message! I agree with you, how we must step away from the noise and sit in the stillness and peace, so we can revive our spirits and walk away from the doubt, not looking at the reasons! Love this my friend! πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹πŸŒž

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