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Deafening Sounds..

Published June 25, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Who made these sounds the ruler of her heart..

wondering where it began

what is the purpose of those words spoken..

Each syllable slamming into her like an explosion of shards..

Her emotions flying in every direction 

the aftermath unthinkable 

ripping her apart 

The stain runs deep 

Her hands tarnished picking up the pieces 

cleaning up the hurts 

The mess has beat her mind numb

Her heart bleeds 

and the truth spills all over it..

It’s never enough for him 

She never has been..

She sits in the darkness waiting for the light 

hoping to understand the words that dictate her heart..


Published June 18, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


My oldest friend 

Do not abandon me 

disintegrating wasn’t part of the plan..

We’ve journeyed the miles hand in hand 

there is no beginning 

surely there is no end

I won’t let go

My foundation, my anchor 

My cornerstone 

We can sail through it all

The sky won’t fall 

no overthinking 

No sinking 

Redemption is our friend 

It will pull us up and pull us out 

We extend from the tip top to the bottomless bottom 

Always were, always will..

You are the mainstay of my heart.. 

Locked up 

Published June 13, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Doing time 

heart shackled to the moments we’ve left behind Lock me down in this space 

The confinement of you

The chains may rattle 

the cage may shake 

Yet nothing will unchain the love locked within us 

Come what may 

Some things remain the same 

I wish to be in your custody 

restraints I will never fight to undo.. 

screw in the bolts 

tighten the locks 

Held captive by us

Doing life with you

my prison of love..


Published June 11, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

the tighter I hold 

The looser the grip..

slowly slipping away

Words sound the same 

scenery looks the same 

Smiling familiar faces 

running circles in the same places 

but the ground is shifting 

Drifting.. can’t be stopped..

Airwaves are deadly 

currents sucking me in slowly 

until I’m giving into the pressure..

Being carried away involuntarily 

thrown about aimlessly..

until I glide away 


Published June 4, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

we lit up the paths behind us, 

burning so bright with each venture we’d race to..

each new door we’d dare to jump through 

Unafraid where we’d land.. knowing we were hand in hand

embracing the unknown 

Fearless in our quest for life..

it now blankets our insides, suffocating our outsides

the darkness of fear eclipsing the light that shined so bright 

the silence so eerie, it is all we hear..

Let’s start a fire 

Burning up the apparitions that have become us, burying the ghosts we hide in

watching till fear is no more 

Awake with me

Let’s ignite the trails till they roar..