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till death do us part..

Published September 17, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Te Amo..

Grind me up

there we are

the aroma of love permeating the air..

Crushing, crumbled

my soul is bare..


mixed in till there is not one degree of separation between you & me..

Te quiero..

no escaping the fate of us

we are one..

Will it become our undoing

Or are we already undone..

a love that makes many want to run

settles me still..

Sabotaged my heart to the point of no return..

tecum usque ad mortem..

I will not set you free

I savor the flavor of we..


Published June 18, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


My oldest friend 

Do not abandon me 

disintegrating wasn’t part of the plan..

We’ve journeyed the miles hand in hand 

there is no beginning 

surely there is no end

I won’t let go

My foundation, my anchor 

My cornerstone 

We can sail through it all

The sky won’t fall 

no overthinking 

No sinking 

Redemption is our friend 

It will pull us up and pull us out 

We extend from the tip top to the bottomless bottom 

Always were, always will..

You are the mainstay of my heart..