Color my world..

Published March 5, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

I see you in black and white

Your soul clear as day..

You light up my world in colors bright..

Closer than two hearts can tell

Crazy beautiful is our hell

We’re fire, we’re ice

we’re anything but nice,

yet we don’t think twice about rolling the dice..

we may be dark but burn bright with light

reflecting all the rays of the sunlight

a black and white delight..

9 comments on “Color my world..

  • Wow. So much said in so less words. Few lines to it.
    Everyone wants life in black or white ,
    While we live through our greys,
    We manipulate our darkness beneath the garb of grace,
    We roam with masks and still look at the mirror,
    Amid the chaos often dies a true murmur…..

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