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days gone by..

Published October 30, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

flirting with yesterdays moments
setting me free to fly
bygones refusing to die
not wanting to relinquish the memories
not even willing to try..
wrapping my mind tight
living within the sphere of that light
shaping and honing the thoughts
that are owning
the life I believed was mine
a treasure chest of delight..
pressing pause for a little while
traipsing through the streets we owned
what could only be ours
healing sealing
that magical wonder
of days gone by..

Sunrise Sunset..

Published October 26, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

sitting me still
lost in your quiet..
love that’s so real
nothing’s required..
come as you are
there’s beauty in all..
sunrise brilliance
you shine without trying
pulling my heart strings
saved me from dying..
enamored enlightened
my eyes see the truth
the veils been lifted
loosening the roots..
take hold of my hand
we’ll merge into one
sunset beauty
magnificent allure
no longer in darkness
no longer alone..
giving way to the night
shining so bright..

author of my story

Published October 23, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

endless possibilities
swirling through my head
words are storming
shaping and forming
new beginnings..
which words are sticking..
chapter after chapter
I am renewed
not afraid
feeling brave
Turn the page
feel the rage
slip slip slipping away..
loving words are here to stay
what a story in all its’ glory
holding meant to last
never a victim of ones’ past..


Published October 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

tailspinning into the abyss of you..
haven’t a clue if it’s dark or if it’s light
unwilling to give up the fight
wreaking havoc
senses filled with delight..
mind on alert
visions I see of sweet dessert..
beauty to my heart
wherever you go
whatever you do
I’m lit by you..
covering it well
burning within
our flame spreads like wildfire
out of control
on and on we go
ignited explosive
our love is alive
there is no quenching this manic drive..


Published October 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

all of it demeaning..
the louder you talk
the more you share
no one can hear
no one cares..
quiet your mind
silence your mouth
listen for once
without a shout
walk away from all the doubt..
wishing you
fearing you
nightmare to be had
laughter through the tears
takes away the sad..
my mind has been eclipsed
changing with the seasons
never hating - no regrets
not looking for the reasons..

gonna be friends..

Published October 16, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

you make my heart spin
not sure where to begin
contemplating you
feels like a win..
crash-landing knowingly
while my thoughts run askew
i like you
i like you
i do..
doubt and wonder trying to creep in
walk with me, talk with me
tripping me up
skinning my knees
with the ease of you..
time passes unaware
side by side we haven’t a care
free falling into you
do i dare..
my footing is uncertain where you stand
i look around
like what I see
here we are - no one else..
walk with me
set me free to these
thoughts going through my head..
i can tell that we are gonna be friends…

If it bleeds..

Published October 15, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

Your secrets are my secrets
left to be told
Open me wide
Let’s be bold..
You picked me
groomed me
Shaped me your own
loneliness calling
you made us a home..
the chasm keeps spreading
a mind of its’ own
bleeding out slowly
no way to be won..
you keep reaching, stretching because you care
now you can rest
there’s so little there..
though we are rattled
I won’t stop the battle
the end is coming
no way to undo the damage
it’s done…

Crashing cymbals..

Published October 14, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

hearts suspended as they crash
ringing soft
Singing loud
holding truths
without a doubt..
turns and twists as the moments tick
bending to the mold that sticks..
we play life in pairs
Our hearts in the others’ hand
Striking together
Together we stand..
sweet innocence of a friendship that’s grown
through the many aches
and the many groans
a masterpiece created in its’ place
the music we make
left in its’ wake..
one of a kind
wish to rewind
a poignant reminder that time slips away
no matter that we will it to stay..

i rise..

Published October 11, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

sudden appearance
spectacular exit
left my head spinning
my heart winning
love was flourishing from a place I deemed empty..
weary and tired
alive and thriving
our mind is a vessel
with treasures to behold..
open it up
let it explode
walk beside me
let’s touch that gold..

My tomb..

Published October 10, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

mixed in the madness
made a perfect mess
who could have guessed..
blinded happily I couldn’t taste death..
following your footsteps
thought I passed the test..
the sun was shining brightly
calling me through and through
yet the dark cold was coming
somehow I never knew..
falling deeper and deeper
despair has had its’ way
I do not fear the reaper
I know he’s here to stay..
it’s life that cuts like a knife
With all its’ strife..
I’ll see again
feel again
reveling as I’m whole
death does not separate
united is my goal..