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gonna be friends..

Published October 16, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

you make my heart spin
not sure where to begin
contemplating you
feels like a win..
crash-landing knowingly
while my thoughts run askew
i like you
i like you
i do..
doubt and wonder trying to creep in
walk with me, talk with me
tripping me up
skinning my knees
with the ease of you..
time passes unaware
side by side we haven’t a care
free falling into you
do i dare..
my footing is uncertain where you stand
i look around
like what I see
here we are - no one else..
walk with me
set me free to these
thoughts going through my head..
i can tell that we are gonna be friends…


Published May 24, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

words flooded my senses

heart slamming the fences

you left in your wake..

Asthmatic reaction – allergic to the lies i sanctioned..

I’m a walking book

wrinkled heart bleeding out

pierced by your hook..

my heart expressed through each phrase you possess..

my pain has been published through all that you gain

every word, every sentence and paragraph remain..

dreams like thunder

Lightning was desire

charred us up

it’s no wonder..

Slowly erasing all that is you

letter by letter

this paper heart gets better..

false memories so dear

as you disappear..

Crystal Clear…

Published March 17, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

There is no darkness in your eyes..
Crystal clear
I see to your soul..
If I give into you
Will I remain whole
If I give into you
Will the light shine brighter than I imagine
If I give into you
Will I walk freely..
Willing, opened, excited for an unhurried stroll
as we reach new depths walking new steps..
my heart is set free
Afraid no more
I will embrace all there is to be..


Face the Sun

Published March 5, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


we almost made it
Could have
Should have
weariness took its’ toll
Hold me silently
No regrets
No sorrys
I am scared
I need you now to smile at me in that knowing way
The crinkle of your eyes meant for me
It’s all been said in words
It’s what is not said that hurts..
I need your words – empty or not
Your laugh that always let
me know it would be ok..
Hold my hand tight
as we walk to new beginnings