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Published April 28, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Breaking away was all she could think about..
She walked out to the water to lose her thoughts..
Her long auburn hair wisped about as the cool wind wrapped its’ gentleness around her..
A smile slowly spreading across her sun kissed cheeks as an unexpected giggle escaped from
her mouth..
She had forgotten how it felt to be carefree
Wondering when she quit feeling the ocean breeze
Drinking in the fresh salt air while she’d romp freely through the waves
She wore it well
When did it all become so
A labor without love..
Time to quell the distaste from her mind
No more mindless anything
Take herself out of it
Let go of the menial
Breathe until she’s filled up
Unbury what has been lost & forgotten
It’s so easy to be the living dead
Wanting changes
Her mind reset..
Let’s start anew
Let our hearts race wildly
Alive with life, speaking out loud once again
Stop the closing of her eyes
Shutter open the windows of her heart
All she has is now
Why wait
What is she waiting for
While she watches herself wither away..
She felt it loud&clear..
Don’t wait till it’s too late
Kidnap the life that ensnares you
Hold yourself hostage
demand living for the ransom
And only then do you set yourself free..



Loudness of Love

Published April 24, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


feeling the intensity as you say it..
my name – spoken so strongly so gently – safe in your mouth
Protected and loved is how I feel as it flows from your sweet lips
Peaking – it vibrates
Touching every cell in my body
You are my atmosphere of love
Unselfish adoration
Lifting me from the dark to the light
Taking your time to know me
patching all the tears I’ve endured – with such patience..
My dreams you don’t take –
You create..
Something tells me you’re different than the rest
You are the very best
my heart yours till the end
So go ahead
Speak my name any way you like
I feel what I hear
The climax – loud and clear..



Leave Her Be

Published April 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


She is she
Let her be
Love her the way she comes..
Stop the torment of your words
Don’t you see her shackled by them
Shouldering the brunt of the vile you spew
Burying it all silently within..
Toying dangerously with her
Leave her mind alone
It’s connected to her soul which controls her heart
She’s falling apart
She isn’t a game to be played
She is strong yet breakable
Stop chipping away at her beauty
It’s rare – unique – one of a kind
And she will love you till she’s no more..
She knows no other way..
A love you will never forget
One you will crave and seek
But only to be found within her..
the damage you do to her doesn’t stop there
It is harming you too..
It will follow you all your days
your mind will play your evil ways
Over and over
Your ears will hear the silent cries of her heart and cringe
and try as you might
The sounds will never fade
The worst part about you
is you just can’t see all it reveals
And never will you heal
tearing down someone else..
She’s disappearing into your madness
She is she and was once free
unchain her
Please leave her be..



Published April 22, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


is our connection
so complex – psychologically physically
my mind absorbing you until it’s only you
craving your touch until it’s all I feel
The closer we become,
The less i grasp
looking in the mirror,
I study that stranger looking back
The hands that touch my face I no longer recognize..
closing my eyes as I draw back my hair I feel you..
catching my breath as you slowly draw it from me
Your fingers entwined in my hair
Tugging tightly as you turn my face toward you
grazing my lips
my mouth hungry for you
my soul ablaze
taking pieces of me
until I no longer know where you begin and I end..
may I never be found



Song in the Night

Published April 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Soaring to places that just can’t be..
Insane moments
Always surprising
catching me off guard..
With such words of love
my blushing cheeks respond
in awe of your tenderness bestowed upon me
Impossibly always new to my heart
ever growing
in this world of our mad love
You speak the language of my soul
You’ve moved my mind up
Releasing a new kind of
happy in me
Moments with you always will be one of life’s greatest mysteries
a magical garden bursting into life
I see it all in your eyes
my love will never dull
flourishing in you
You’ve restored a new me that only you can bring
No longer walking through the garden alone
You’ve given me song in the night
My soul will always sing..



Published April 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


The lie is in your
as the venom drips from the same mouth that devoured me with sweet love..
Closing my eyes to it
heart slams shut
No more looking into my soul
No more stealing my breath..
The magic is gone
Spell broken
I have awoken
No longer an emotional jigsaw puzzle with its’ pieces scattered about..
It has been solved
The link between my heart and mind connected..
Couldn’t break me but certainly taught me the heart has power over the mind..
twisting deception into beautiful lies..



Perfectly Flawed

Published April 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Let me love you imperfectly so I can love you completely
Letting go of imaginings that hold me back
So lovely to free-fall into our perfect circle of unknown..
ever-changing wildly crazy
Solid moments of you
My best days are my days with you
For some, they wander in search of it all their days
For others, they know love is simply lost
And sadly – some just don’t believe..
Though we fade in&out and back again, We are always there- can’t be denied
Like that well worn chair..
Sometimes misplaced but never forgotten
and when you rediscover the simple pleasure of curling up and enjoying it again – you know you are where you belong..
Not a beat of my heart would exist, without the thought of you
I will chip away every brick and every stone that holds you back
No walls no fears no
Submit to my flawed love
This is one imperfection worth the troubles
Let me shatter my love over you..


Afraid Secure Me

Published April 16, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Steady as an earthquake..
so sure of my footing
Other times drifting nowhere lost and alone
hands shaking, heart racing falling and crashing
Nowhere land..
afraid but secure in my fear of the unknown
accepting what I cannot control
setting the reins free
My heart is filled with sweetness..
my security lies in His arms
My peace in His love
My unknown answers blanketed by the beat of His heart
Though uncertain of much
my fragile heart is settled
that soothes my mind
And I know I’ll be just fine





Published April 14, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Like the Summer wind
You linger..
Wafting in&out of my thoughts
Gently traipsing through me
Cool as an ocean breeze
I inhale you and it sends me tumbling
Soothing as a summer day
Your warmth fills my mind,
caresses my body and I’m wind blown..
Footsteps are effortless
My heart is still
Gone is the angst
Dreams come to life and my soul is once again carried away
Leaving my troubles behind..
Whisk me away to
Whichever direction your wind is blowing..


Storm of Love

Published April 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Rough, wild, turbulent waves
magnificent to watch..  beautiful like your love
Unknown and full of surprises
Bringing to shore all its’ hidden treasures
Splashing out of control
crashing into me until I no longer see
eclipsing the old, setting me free
Refreshing my mind
cleansing my soul
creating desires I never knew
No more existing below in murky dark waters
Im walking on colorless transparent vivid as can be
This beautiful sea..
Your words of care
Flowing in and out of me
Drenching me in a storm of love
The sound of you rushing through me
sweetest vibrations to my soul
I am sated in your love
Drown me in it
Let it wash me clean