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Leave Her Be

Published April 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


She is she
Let her be
Love her the way she comes..
Stop the torment of your words
Don’t you see her shackled by them
Shouldering the brunt of the vile you spew
Burying it all silently within..
Toying dangerously with her
Leave her mind alone
It’s connected to her soul which controls her heart
She’s falling apart
She isn’t a game to be played
She is strong yet breakable
Stop chipping away at her beauty
It’s rare – unique – one of a kind
And she will love you till she’s no more..
She knows no other way..
A love you will never forget
One you will crave and seek
But only to be found within her..
the damage you do to her doesn’t stop there
It is harming you too..
It will follow you all your days
your mind will play your evil ways
Over and over
Your ears will hear the silent cries of her heart and cringe
and try as you might
The sounds will never fade
The worst part about you
is you just can’t see all it reveals
And never will you heal
tearing down someone else..
She’s disappearing into your madness
She is she and was once free
unchain her
Please leave her be..