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Published March 25, 2021 by lamarrwenrich

bits of blue — for all my stories lived
bits of gold —for the ones untold
Vibrant life of colors
for all the dreams I hold..
my hand has never been empty
my heart overflows..
the outpour bleeds of the beauty deep within
the folds of joy rippling over into
the sorrows
shaping out the hollow..
I weep for the dark spaces as the tapestry unravels
I marvel at the beauty that rises back
Smiling as the colors seep

Creating the ever changing glow
I’ve come to know...

blown – glass heart…

Published March 10, 2021 by lamarrwenrich

if my heart could speak

your knees would cave weak..
immeasurable beauty
as far as the eye sees..
broken pieces blown out
shaped and renewed
mapping out my heart
it all leads to you..
in ways unknown

love pours into me
Washing me free
I can be
You can be
a creation that all can see..
Untouchable, unreal
feeling the beauty
of our blown glass hearts
love marks & scars
Unique to us..
Absence of light
a necessary dark
Giving way to
the beat of my heart..

A beautiful sound
a melodious tune
dancing us free
you’re all I see..