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most perfect..

Published September 26, 2022 by lamarrwenrich
close your eyes 
open your soul
let the earthing unfold
electrical energy
hard to behold..
eyes cannot believe
what the heart sees
from this life to the next
separating the want from the need..
The taste of love
The texture of you
most perfect gift I ever knew..


Published March 25, 2021 by lamarrwenrich

bits of blue — for all my stories lived
bits of gold —for the ones untold
Vibrant life of colors
for all the dreams I hold..
my hand has never been empty
my heart overflows..
the outpour bleeds of the beauty deep within
the folds of joy rippling over into
the sorrows
shaping out the hollow..
I weep for the dark spaces as the tapestry unravels
I marvel at the beauty that rises back
Smiling as the colors seep

Creating the ever changing glow
I’ve come to know...

Light me bright…

Published December 19, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

perfection in our messy way

chaotic love rules our day..

It fills me up and

Lights me bright

I’d have it no other way..

I’d relive each day with all the messiness we create in its’ wake..

You are my smile

deep and wide

everything good that fills my insides

beautiful friendship in this sea of love

You are endless loves’ delight..

Eyes of Babes🌟

Published June 10, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

They are the magic we lose sight of..
Talk with them
Hear what they say
Live in their moments
Their zeal for all things
Learn what you’ve forgotten
Feel their passion
It’s contagious..image
So peaceful to realize I’m Wonderfully tired
And it is good
And every moment is worth reliving…