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Published January 14, 2018 by lamarrwenrich



can you see

can you feel

Just how real..

You set off a dream…

was this a scheme gone awry..

a serious or fatal accident of the heart..

Bearing the casualty of the firestorm brewing within..

I don’t wish you to be an echo of a memory I can never forget

Don’t leave me to it alone

your intentions unknown

let’s share this mishap together –

Think on, consider, conceive the world of a you and a me

feel the flames of my hopes

And the heat of my dreams

Let me singe you with love that is bursting from my seams..

It’s okay, it’s alright – I’ve got you in my sights

dupe me, trick me, just don’t lose me

for I’m M.I.A. in the games you play…

Hail to Me

Published January 7, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Lips are moving

I can’t hear you

Heart is beating

I can’t feel you

shielded in,

Covered, protected

so well guarded..

all smiles tucked away for another day..

Never to light my face again..

Not a dimple, not a twinkle

No not even a sliver

Least the house of cards come crashing down..

Fire away &

Stand back

The ricochet will slam you hard..

The holes you feel and see are me disappearing

never to be seen again

the decay of you & me is all I see

A chapel built around the image of we..

No longer what we were once meant to be..

broken down – on my hands and knees..

Let’s set our hearts free

reach for me please..