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Worth the fall..

Published February 18, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

those ears.. eager to hear what they wish to believe

They listen with hunger and zest

wishing to settle all this unrest

Pour it all out – little by little

gleaning it up until You get your fill

and it becomes the absolute real even as it sits you still..

One lie turns into many and the truth gets lost until a lie is all that’s left

at such a cost – it’s crushing heavy in your chest..

It will leave you walking on your knees as you grieve what you can’t perceive..

Stand strong – don’t give in to fit where you don’t belong..

Comfort is a tough thing to give away

Don’t fear what you don’t know

Allow yourself to grow

Stand tall

The end game is worth the fall..

Turn the Page..

Published February 11, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

I see empty space through your face as time stands still..

Those child eyes alive with fear that always see more than there is

I see it too

I travel through you

Sitting beautifully still and feeling everything you do

Miles away – you still shine through

completing everything I thought I knew

Come what may I won’t fade away, though it’s hazy and turning gray..

memories will hold me

And carry us through

There’s no escaping the fate of you..

I’ll keep you safe as I tuck us in and brace for the phase about to begin..

What’s etched on the heart is here to stay though the words keep changing day by day..

we may put to rest the story we knew

But the pages keep turning for me & you..

Something of us..

Published February 9, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

aging and sagging in place of the smiles

Exhaustion and tiredness instead of sweet miles

Our eyes becomes shaded and jaded with time

And genuine hopefulness turns on a dime

But stand where He is and hold out your hand

He sees beauty and grace across my face

Restoring and loving me despite my haste

Because of His wonderfulness I can finish this race..

I love the nothing that makes me long to be that something of us..


Published January 28, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Why the inferno raging within..

you’re lost in the haze

Hidden in the blaze

It’s not in the look you create

Nor in the steps you make

Nor in the pretenses you strive to fake

Let the smoke choke out who you aren’t..

Don’t forget who you are..

each breath taken with care, purpose, passion..

deeply imbedded within

taste the goodness – feel the greatness –

live the fullness of life..

Give to yourself what you give to me

Such a beautiful human that needs to be free..

Wonderful beautiful you

Burn fiercely

shine brightly

walk strongly

unleash yourself from the games alight in your mind-

free from the lies being told

and leave behind the stories waiting to unfold..

Dazed & Confused..

Published January 23, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

You’re strolling – you’re walking – controlling the madness

Chanting and whispering with passion unfolding..

You start with a purpose and end at a loss

As the weight of the cross grows heavier with the mass..

you disappear -bit by bit – as each new thought and each new view is pounded into you..

Who can speak louder – who can overpower

Who can do most evil yet smell like a flower…

let’s cover up the stench

And bury the lies – until each truth simply dies..

Confusion abounds – your mission unclear –

Why oh why is it no one can hear…

I’m speaking I’m certain till I’m blue in the face

But we’ve lost something special – this human race-

without love as the base, we have no case..


Published November 25, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

It’s done

You won..

soothing words settling my soul

You inspire a beautiful burning hunger within..

What is it worth

if it lacks love..

What does it prosper if I can’t find my way out..

You gave me direction in my lost world –

raw, real, honest

One of a kind – planting me so firmly

I will sway every which way – yet never loose my footing

The more I understand the less I know..

I only know

You give all you have –


The very best

Because it is for us..

Impossibly Real

Published November 14, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Impossible intangible invisible..

real as can be

Something is about to give

Push the pedal down

let it take you

It’s unknown how hard the push will be

Or where you will be when you are set free

You have nothing left to lose..

Broken fractured souls

are healed in the freedom

of giving into the mystery..

scream until the light breaks through

Until the streaks of sunlight make you glow..

You aren’t the only fractured soul waiting to be made whole

Your lowest low will rise you to the highest highs..

Hold on tight

The other side is sweeter than sweet

And will fill you with delight..