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love’s fickle thorn..

Published December 4, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

lover of my heart
magnet to my soul
what began on that
unsuspecting day takes a toll..
a simple hello was all that was told
pushing me to the depths of the unknown..
unaware without a care
to blissful to be afraid
And a life of its’ own ran away
from the home I’ve always known
creating a love story with no roots to grow..
lost a part of me that day
finding its’ way into your soul
leaving me floundering
with no where to go..
my steps are growing me
double edged sword
my just reward..

gonna be friends..

Published October 16, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

you make my heart spin
not sure where to begin
contemplating you
feels like a win..
crash-landing knowingly
while my thoughts run askew
i like you
i like you
i do..
doubt and wonder trying to creep in
walk with me, talk with me
tripping me up
skinning my knees
with the ease of you..
time passes unaware
side by side we haven’t a care
free falling into you
do i dare..
my footing is uncertain where you stand
i look around
like what I see
here we are - no one else..
walk with me
set me free to these
thoughts going through my head..
i can tell that we are gonna be friends…

million little things..

Published September 14, 2021 by lamarrwenrich
state of being..
sharing love laughter and pain..
affection and its’ beauty
creating connection
spanning through a lifetime
enduring every season..
changes come
unraveling without reason..
its’ purpose well served
without sadness we’d miss the taste of sweetness
changes go
there we grow..
living out the joy of this friendship we have come to know..
your smile changes dark to light
invisible strings binding us tight..
The laughter
a friendship
it’s pure delight..


Published June 21, 2013 by lamarrwenrich

We are unique–wonderfully and purposely created in His image. The love and connection cannot be denied. Girlfriends walk through life together – no matter the distance. Our hearts interwoven like silk thread…intricately meshed together creating a beautiful, strong, masterpiece of a forever kind of love; perfectly imperfect. We always know the other is there. Such freedom in this kind of love…unconditional.

Girlfriends: we break the rules for one another, defend, cry, laugh and hold each other up.  In our darkest moments, our happiest moments,  our scariest moments, our joys, our heartbreaks–we are there. The loyalty and bond-unquestionable…support and commitment is forever.  Our lives are full, blessed and busy: husbands, lovers, children and jobs, yet how empty it would be without you. No one can take the place of my girlfriends. Just like my family–you live forever in my heart. Sisterchicks***