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Published December 30, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Like a needle slipping into my skin
Pricking it breaking it
until each nerve
was jumping
alive feeling each moment Bubbling scabbing and slowly..
little by little turning into a beautiful one of a kind of us..
Outlining our love
A pattern all of its’ own
Running deep from the inside out..
Displayed for the world to see
flowing through my veins
Landing in my heart
Permanent markings
stretching bending with life weathering it all..
Though It may smear fade
and lose some of its’ outward beauty
You Keep my love so young so new
my stained heart bleeds only your name..
I wear you..
marked by indelible designs of your love



Dancing through it..

Published December 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


With every broken mile she walked
She melded into the very ground below her..
Anguish & despair burying her deeper with each step
Hopelessness scratched and clawed until She was raw numb..
Unsure what she believed
A strong mind pressing on
She kept reaching out..
Like a lost child
afraid – yet certain something worthwhile awaited her..
Innocence still breathing within her heart
searching for her own something
She wished for more
She wished to be loved
Wished to believe it tangible..
Unsure of what ‘it’ really meant
She danced through her tears..
That Flicker of hope setting ablaze a wild fire in her..
she knew what her something was..
It is She
She is the real thing
She will be stubborn love refusing to believe she has no place
It is real and can be rough
but the music beckons her..
As she tentatively sways to the sound
She feels gentle hands wrap around her face
This is for you
You are worth it
There is a place for She..



It’s Simple

Published December 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Needing.. Wanting
Wanting.. Needing
Some say it’s the same
I say not..
Learned early on
Thought I needed my parents..
Until i didn’t..
then I knew
The difference..
Set me free to love without expectations
Love is a gift
And what a gift
When I met you
You intrigued me
I liked you
You moved to my beat
I chose you
You are my kind of crazy
Not because I needed you
Because I want you
not a dependent love..
I can breath on my own
or a need to be filled..
you aren’t medicine
So simple..
It is purest love that keeps me wanting you
That draws me in
Sets me on the highest highs
A mind lost in the thought of you
Allows my heart happiness
My soul complete freedom..
No limits no rules no walls
To love you
Is to love with complete abandon..
Setting me free in the want of you ❤️




Published December 16, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


I don’t need much
I don’t need it all
Just to hang in the backdrop twirling around you
Your splash and color lighting up my world..
But you suck me in
To the very center
Some say you’re dangerous
Others peg you as disastrous
I say wow
My very own dust devil
funneling all that goodness to me
Baby baby baby
You & me
Mad love that makes me crazy
Crazy love that makes me mad..
You are my Whirlwind
Moving and spinning my heart out of control
Spin me till I can’t see straight
I wish to stay in the merry of my heart
Sweetest commotion
surviving the maelstrom of your Fierce love
It’s Explosive
Scorch my heart
Light my fire over&over..




Published December 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


She sits alone unaware lost
only seeing darkness surrounding her..
until she realizes she is squinting
Beams of golden sunlight covering her face
her eyes seeing feeling forcing her out of the abyss..
Bodies are moving
Carefree running wild
smiles laughter
happy moments it seems..
Her eyes suddenly wet
tears springing her to life..
Where did it all go?
Is it true time saps it from us?
Or did she just give it away
Willingly unwillingly unaware
Taking for granted such a gift..
simple Joy
Allowing it to dissipate..
Slowly disappearing like the days of her youth..
Sadness happiness
Hope despair
Trying moments
exhausting ones
impossible ones
giving up
Can’t see past this moment ones..
They hurt
can Break us down
But Only for a moment
it won’t destroy our fight..
Uncertainty can draw out our strength
No matter that fear is intertwined with it..
Untwist your thoughts change up your beliefs
creating new hope
New joys smiles laughter
a carefree heart is born
The gift of loving life takes over
The good moments burying the bad
She wants that..
She shakes loose the dirt she’s been breathing
Leaving the shackles behind
Running wild
Getting lost in those happy moments
One more chance to dream love live again through a young heart..
It’s her story…. She can write a new beginning any time she wants..


Celebrate Us Home

Published December 9, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


My Eyes atrophying losing sight of the living
your eyes crystal clear filled with hope..
My nerves on edge straining to hear any remnants of life
Beautiful face smiling at every sound you hear and
Legs free to move about
While my walk is bound with legs that betray me
Twisted face scrawled with anger remembering all things that once were..
Each moment new to you
Happiness etched on your face..
Anger hurt frustration have taken root in my home
You are lost in a far better place
Your smile exuding peace..
I want us
Your steady soft hand slowly touching me
calming my frustration
releasing my anger
covering my hurt
I want the magic of you
I am the air you breathe
Such Memories..good&bad
Moments of love shared
hearts Synced
Never outgrowing us
I’ll carry you&you carry me
Till we draw our last breath
Our tenderness never extinguished
substance of our profound love carried on through six beautiful souls
We are never-ending❤️


Madness of Love❤️

Published December 5, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


bringing to life hope..
Stories written about it
Movies made about such things..
What magic have you over me..
Drawing tears of joy from deep within
An unending well of love
Bringing to life my senses
Gently softly calling forth my closed heart
Tentative at first
then bursting wide open
as a chasm that couldn’t contain the pressures built around it..
eliciting every emotion from me all at once
spilling out the tenderest of love
invisible arms wrapping around me tenderly
The bitter sting of fear fading
slowly lifting me out of such despair
It takes my breath away
Leaving me filled with wonder
with awe..
The mystery of you
causing such a stir
My heart expanding and contracting to the rhythm of your love
How can this
Beautiful madness be
That I am worthy of such adornment
To be Cherished treasured..
miracles are real
For here you are..
and I am certain i was made for a moment such as this..



Published December 2, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Jarring stunning
Collision of the hearts
Shattered glass scattered everywhere – shining beautifully
You’re here in my waking moments
and crashing through my dreams
dancing on
my battered heart
Did I love too much
How did I miss it..
Unraveled and broken
Left me naked
No disguising the bruises
Do you know what I know
Do you know what I feel
Or was it all one sided..
I was your stomping ground
Each turn revealing a
beautiful shade more intoxicating than the last..
Simply having me for a good time..
I wasn’t afraid to fall..
Well now I’m no longer petrified to stand tall
Dusting you off with each step
my colors coming back
No longer blue
My shades speak the truth
Heart bleeds red
unlike your Kaleidoscope that beats quietly deceptively cunningly
so many mirrors
you’re lost trapped in between them..
until each one slowly cracks
giving way to a cascade of jagged broken glass..
Burying you