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Madness of Love❤️

Published December 5, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


bringing to life hope..
Stories written about it
Movies made about such things..
What magic have you over me..
Drawing tears of joy from deep within
An unending well of love
Bringing to life my senses
Gently softly calling forth my closed heart
Tentative at first
then bursting wide open
as a chasm that couldn’t contain the pressures built around it..
eliciting every emotion from me all at once
spilling out the tenderest of love
invisible arms wrapping around me tenderly
The bitter sting of fear fading
slowly lifting me out of such despair
It takes my breath away
Leaving me filled with wonder
with awe..
The mystery of you
causing such a stir
My heart expanding and contracting to the rhythm of your love
How can this
Beautiful madness be
That I am worthy of such adornment
To be Cherished treasured..
miracles are real
For here you are..
and I am certain i was made for a moment such as this..