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Published April 26, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

a hungry ache..
the persistence
drawing compassion from my bones
to own all its’ wakened..
determination willing it to be..
there is nothing more to our story than the story itself..
we are who we are
the moments non-defining
in an overwhelming
non-binding kind of way..
Healing - revealing truths
small -ordinary -insignificant
making impossible fall away..
there’s pages to be written
stapling pieces back together
I’ll sit in the dirt with you
draw lines in the sand
let’s dirty our hands with life..
wash clean your heart
giving new color to all your strife
yearning longing for this new start..


Published April 17, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

locked you away
where it’s safe to play
love is abound - it’s all around
my heart beating to yours
a characteristic unique to you..
infectious - smiling
missing you all the while..
essentially bound
chemically entwined
a million thoughts and questions come to mind-
the silence slamming my feet to the ground..
yet walls come down
I yearn to be found
in the abstract existence of you..
let’s get lost again and again
tell it to me slow
tell it with your eyes
you are the basic part
making me whole..

Scenic heart..

Published April 11, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

landscape of my dreams
perfect in all it seems..
flourishing, watered, growing green
uninhibited wild and free..
drinking in the reality of who you are
no pretenses - no one cares
soak me up breathe my air..
illusions are exposed
thorny bushes overthrown
our story grows bright in this light
scenery overflowing
moment after moment of pure delight..
enticing, magnetic
holding on tight
let’s live the impossible possibilities
without fright..
when life gets tangled and weeds choke the seeds
don’t give in to the insidious disease..
follow the river till it washes over it
trail-blazing new ways
reviving ones’ heart
there within that trail
is our escape for a new start…