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Breath of my breath

Published July 28, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Breath upon my bones

Your heart is my home

I don’t walk alone..

we meld into each other

forming a love with a shape of its’ own..

like the beauty created by the drippings of candle wax..

each time it’s lit up, we set the sky on fire

absorbed into a sphere of our own..

I reopen you time and again..

caught up in our space i come undone

Blinded as if I’m touched by the sun..

colors so vibrant – woven tightly as one

Like a rainbow that has only just begun..

You color my heart

You warm my soul

feeling every shade you’ve splashed from the start

my heart is on fire

my soul is aflame

Forever and ever it will paint your name..

Lego heart..

Published July 8, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

The heart breaks just a little.. the love runs deeper still

certain this chasm cannot be real..

I think I love you better now than all the years before..

Tattooed on my heart is

Intense, wonderful you..

every twist, every turn

I know you inside out..

I’ll trade my heart in exchange for yours- building each time –

a fresh new start..

my sweet imagination is what I choose

It somehow chases away the blues..

everything seems worse in black & white –

I’m gonna pick up the pieces and color them in

and when things go wrong – I’ll color again..

We’ll build and we’ll fall

but we will stand tall

This lego heart refuses to give in to it all..

Create with me – build with me a colorful home

and the pieces of our lego heart will have strong bones..

The heart breaks just a little – our colors run deep

We’re as bright as the sun

And dark as the night..

we are beauty expressed in our lover’s delight

Piece by piece

Our heart will take flight..