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No Restraints

Published February 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


How do I feel..
You ask so sweetly
As if there is a simple answer to such a complex question..
I’m Wild out of my mind
All side ways when it comes to you..
My heart crosswise
drifting in and out of my thoughts and I find myself out there
lost in a world where no one else exists and time stands still
I laugh lightly, feeling giddy, nervously affected at my own insanity
Loving the natural high
knowing full well that I give you me completely – without thought or concern
Crashing full speed ahead
Bring it
I want to feel it all
some call it insanity
I say it’s living at its’ best
the unknown
love without restraints..
any moments with you are quite simply the best of moments
And certainly
The saddest
knowing they will end..
elated to live in the moment experiencing all of you
I’ll take my chances
throw caution to the wind
Rather than give up loving you
Because that would be a travesty I could not face..
Bind me up so that I may be set free..






Threaded by Love

Published February 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


A rift that just kept growing
splitting at the seams
until the wounds became gaping holes
Emptying my life second by second..
the tears couldn’t be stopped
I welcomed the sting of the salty fluid smearing black down my face as the innermost part of my being
It was all I had left
my insides vacant..
Blinded by the pain
I couldn’t see the
hands reaching out
couldn’t feel the strings being placed gently around me
Weaving in and out of my heart
Slowly tediously stitch by stitch you wrapped me in a string of silky love
Pulling the threads tighter and tighter
while you waited
in patient love
until the seams were ripped no more..


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Eruption Of Love

Published February 25, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


without warning
You shook my world
sending shock waves to my heart
Without thought
Without reason
I fell for you just like a child..
couldn’t see beyond you
You polarized me..
Dividing my heart
Separating my mind
Reviving me / slaying me
Same skin yet changed
I lived the magic at first glance
Eyes that saw through me
It touched my soul
grabbed my heart
I felt the hold you had on me
Rendering me powerless
Afraid and unsure
You took my fears in your hand until they were no more
Making me whole
Imagine the jolt
It shook me through&through
Reverberating my entire being
There’s no way out
I’m not looking for one
I wish to meld into you
my ring of fire..



Delight in it..

Published February 24, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Bask in my bountiful love
with a heart big enough to heal the pain you’ve endured..
So much at stake but
Only in your mind
Let me in if you dare
Lounge around in my love
but only because you keep me at arms length
Let these limbs wrap around you
Heart to heart
Face to face
Hands aching to run their fingers across your chest..
arms & legs intertwined until they are one..
I’m sunshine warming your soul
You will become drunk with desire for my touch of love
For you will absorb all of me my wanting craving and needing of you..
See what I know
Feel what I see
If we get nothing else in life
Baby we got this
Revel in our passion..



Lose Control

Published February 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Tragic to love so deeply you say..
It owns you
Cataclysmic..there is no control
Can’t see past it around it in front or behind it..
No going around this love
You must walk in it
Don’t fear me
I’ll be the hero of this tragedy
curing your every trepidation
Renewing you from the inside out
every pore vital
on fire with my love
A rebirth of your heart
Let me love you like I do
Fear not the unknown
Never another love, never another time like ours..
We are the best you’ll ever know
So let go
It’s ok to lose control
anything can be anything
Everything is everything



Light Me Up

Published February 22, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Can’t love you in the dark anymore
This aloneness so loud
no more room for all the voices in my head
Invisible in living color
Listening to this silence has taught me truths
The mystery unraveling
Our mouths forming words that make no sense
We are speaking different languages
Uncommon ground
Let’s break the barrier
Sync our similarities
Desperate to hear you
Your words are like the tree of life
reigniting my dead heart
filling my empty soul again
Love me better
I will love you well
Flow through me steadily
I’ll glide to you continuously
Shine your light on me once more..



Lover’s Touch

Published February 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


With each stroke of your gentle touch
I lose my way
Uninhibited by love
Inhabiting all of you
opening my eyes to things I never knew
And I wish to never be found
Lost in the sea of you
The gentlest Of love
Unleashing the wildest of passions within me
Intense raw
I sense you scarcely breathing
Anticipating the euphoria that awaits us
I surrender myself to your touch
Bind me up in your love
Set me free in those hands that hold my soul captive..



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Given Freely

Published February 16, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Oh my ..

You touch my mind in ways that are unspeakable
I tingle
My thoughts racing..
You’ve crowded out the rest
Taken over the details of my senses
I tremble at the sound of you
You only have to speak my name
Making love to my mind
captivating all of me
As never before..
I am yours
Speak your words of love…                                                 I eagerly await your
expressions that cause my soul to quiver
I want you
I desire you
You are my intention
Unwrap me slowly
Bit by bit
I’ll never disappoint
delighting you in ways you have never known..
I give myself freely
a gift to behold
Sweet love that will take you home..




Published February 15, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Longing for..
needing to be filled
Created to be full
Desiring to be needed
an empty vacuum
Just waiting
Who can satisfy that
What can heal it..
No end in sight to close the pain
It’s a dangerous void to try and fill
Leave me be
You have before
You will again
I know
I put you out
Don’t you know I will throw you about
Satisfy me
It’s morning I’m happy
It’s noon I’m empty
I want To know I’m more than nothing
I need to know I’m something extraordinary to someone
Is any one person’s love enough
Can you cover me
Maybe not
Am I choosing isolation..
No guessing what loneliness has cost me
Feels like everything
Void depleted
Pour it out
Replenish me with the
Love of you
set me free from me
and the loneliness will be gone
Until it’s not..



Greatest of these..

Published February 14, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


There is love of many things..
We all need it seek it crave it
Searching for love in many ways
Desiring to be filled
But All things pale next to the human touch
It fills our heart
Frees our soul
makes us whole
The greatest love is made of us❤️