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Nomadic Heart..

Published September 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


The chill of your heart seeps through to my bones leaving me frigid
My heart is not wooden
I will not die while I’m living
I reach out craving the feeling of you
My hand falls through the empty dead space
dread fills my heart
Stop holding on so tight to hate
Just let yourself be held
aren’t you tired of running..
my arms can hold you still
fill you with meaning
It’s the simple things that
Create the good things
let my warmth thaw the frost surrounding you and
my love will wrap around your heart
Set those vagabond feet still
and wandering will be no more..




Published May 26, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

We aren’t turmoil with drama & rules 

or fear – owning each other 

So relax and let go 

Can’t you see 

I’m all in 

I’m set on you

step by step we grow in strength – a love so powerful

It can’t be stopped..

My heart wrapped in yours creating wonder as we go 

No person paper or thing can make us a we

A love this beautiful and fierce deserves to be free

I don’t want to lose us because I forget who we are

Adventurous is all we want to be..

true to you & me 

Can we lead a normal love 

Define normal 

we are weirdly good 

Forever misunderstood 

We can be anything we want to be

unguarded.. raw in love 

It’s our attraction to living life that draws us together 

So let’s live the moments carefree as they are meant to be..

No Restraints

Published February 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


How do I feel..
You ask so sweetly
As if there is a simple answer to such a complex question..
I’m Wild out of my mind
All side ways when it comes to you..
My heart crosswise
drifting in and out of my thoughts and I find myself out there
lost in a world where no one else exists and time stands still
I laugh lightly, feeling giddy, nervously affected at my own insanity
Loving the natural high
knowing full well that I give you me completely – without thought or concern
Crashing full speed ahead
Bring it
I want to feel it all
some call it insanity
I say it’s living at its’ best
the unknown
love without restraints..
any moments with you are quite simply the best of moments
And certainly
The saddest
knowing they will end..
elated to live in the moment experiencing all of you
I’ll take my chances
throw caution to the wind
Rather than give up loving you
Because that would be a travesty I could not face..
Bind me up so that I may be set free..






It’s Simple

Published December 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Needing.. Wanting
Wanting.. Needing
Some say it’s the same
I say not..
Learned early on
Thought I needed my parents..
Until i didn’t..
then I knew
The difference..
Set me free to love without expectations
Love is a gift
And what a gift
When I met you
You intrigued me
I liked you
You moved to my beat
I chose you
You are my kind of crazy
Not because I needed you
Because I want you
not a dependent love..
I can breath on my own
or a need to be filled..
you aren’t medicine
So simple..
It is purest love that keeps me wanting you
That draws me in
Sets me on the highest highs
A mind lost in the thought of you
Allows my heart happiness
My soul complete freedom..
No limits no rules no walls
To love you
Is to love with complete abandon..
Setting me free in the want of you ❤️