It’s Simple

Published December 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


Needing.. Wanting
Wanting.. Needing
Some say it’s the same
I say not..
Learned early on
Thought I needed my parents..
Until i didn’t..
then I knew
The difference..
Set me free to love without expectations
Love is a gift
And what a gift
When I met you
You intrigued me
I liked you
You moved to my beat
I chose you
You are my kind of crazy
Not because I needed you
Because I want you
not a dependent love..
I can breath on my own
or a need to be filled..
you aren’t medicine
So simple..
It is purest love that keeps me wanting you
That draws me in
Sets me on the highest highs
A mind lost in the thought of you
Allows my heart happiness
My soul complete freedom..
No limits no rules no walls
To love you
Is to love with complete abandon..
Setting me free in the want of you ❀️



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