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Tread softly..

Published January 15, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

the pain, the hurt

it all subsides

only goodness now resides..

the stones no longer in her head

the stones no longer make her bed

those words are full of life instead

so vibrant in their deathbed..

Something’s lost when something’s gained

every space in her heart remains..

No divide.. plenty of space to slide with all the love inside..

Set free from condemnation

Being lost was worth the coming home..

tread softly as you go-

it’s her bones that made you whole..

Sunshine and tears..

Published January 8, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

circular band of love

surrounding me like an orbit

good and bad

It’s all to be had when you dance the tango of love..

people within the walls of my world

live within the walls of my heart

It takes two, four or more to make one..

They walk with me

talk with me

in this journey of love..

and with each breath I take

sunshine and tears are left in its’ wake..

Sparkling brilliance..

Published January 5, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

Diamonds in the rough

We’ve only just begun..

We are brilliance taking shape

Baby steps learning to run..

an internal reflection

a refraction of light

trippin through it

falling up

Trying to catch the sun..

A dark side, a bright side

You’ve cut me open wide..

shaping me, embracing me

in many ways enhancing the reflection of you through me..

You are the moon that becomes the sun illuminating my heart till it’s all undone..