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a Blessing and a Curse..

Published March 6, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Blessed it be the mystery of love..

not to be solved -broken down or tamed..

Love has no name – it beats to its’ own game..

I lived for this endless wonder

Thrived in its’ unspeakable beauty

grew by the sounds of love

until I never knew this kind of blue that it possessed..

my world went silent

sharpest quiet cut me down until

my ears could no longer hear

My heart could no longer bear..

Yet I’ll always care for this lovely game of love that causes such despair..

Cursed it be the mystery of love..

Mind Games

Published February 23, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

a collection of choices..

Do they make you

Break you

forsake you..


masquerade slipping away

The loose ends fall nicely at my feet

You believe I can wrap it up nice and neat..

I’m magical, incredible such a treat..

You’re aren’t in love with me you see..

You’re in love with you and

How you feel when I make you real..

Your hurts have been harsh

They hit you like steel

I’m a source of energy

bringing you back to life

helping you let go of strife..

Let me pull back the shades

revealing all the charades..

I know you’re weakness

It’s freedom in the madness

The more mad, the more free.. revel in who you choose to be..

it’s a new dawn

A new day

A new you..

Our Soundtrack

Published December 13, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Stay lost..

Lost in our dance

never find your way out..

Let it be me

Only me you see

As you move your feet to our beat..

that rhythm of pure sweet..


Love only me in the sea of hopes & dreams where nothing is like it seems..

For my sway will stay –

no matter if you’re sitting & I’m standing or

You’re running & I’m walking

The picture in your mind and the soundtrack of my heart create the perfect harmony..

and I am bending, stretching and syncing to your every move..

Lost in the rhythm & blues of our rock’n’roll..

after life dies..

Published October 19, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


It’s me

wanting the old – facing the new

wishing you were anywhere but gone..

Beginnings.. endings..

is there a difference when our beings are connected..

even after life dies

I keep learning about you..

like waking up to the smell of childhood

every sense touched

until I’m flooded with memories that make me whole..

What do I love about you..

To begin with –


you completed me – tying up my loose ends – filling me &

making me whole..

Though we tend to eat with our eyes

It is our soul that craves the nutrients

you taught me what really matters forever more..

With a concentrated effort

i’ll sync with you

finding your rhythm as life keeps changing –

I’ll hold tight

in a world that’s always moving and filled with hearts that grow cold from weariness..

you will

Warm my bones

as i move into

fresh starts of old..

Heart & Mind

Published September 7, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

In a lightning quick descent of madness,

It began..

the storm clearing

sun appearing

and the noises changing..

nothing making sense

no right, no wrong

It just was..

Her mind incapable of stopping it – plans grew.. details formed all on their own –

so thorough – she was frightened..

A plethora of firsts..

her hands shaking as she placed them on the sides of her head – willing the thoughts to stop as they ran rampant..

A quiet hum that was ever present exploding into a loud crescendo..

That only her ears could hear

Only her mind could know

Only her heart felt

Others blind to it..

Welcoming the unknown

She feels a strength in the unity of her heart & mind..weakness falling to the wayside..

She will walk before the scorching sun and welcome the warmth as it shares its’ love with her..

Dance of Life

Published August 6, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

my imagination alive and well,
lingers on past the moments that fill my soul..
Tinkering about this quiet home and stepping around the sweet bodies sprawled about,
my thoughts race as I see the future before me and I hope, I wish, I pray for grace upon these innocents..
my humans..
such a gift; a purpose to love another soul in the most miraculous of ways
studying them in their slumber.. to watch the heart beat and know a beautiful life is within..
The dance of life can be loud, quiet, happy, sad, full and empty
But it's a beat worth moving to..
swaying to the rhythm
Keep shouting through life – your ears will love the sound of fighting for love
and your heart will live for it..
The curiosity of it all feeds my soul..

Locked up 

Published June 13, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Doing time 

heart shackled to the moments we’ve left behind Lock me down in this space 

The confinement of you

The chains may rattle 

the cage may shake 

Yet nothing will unchain the love locked within us 

Come what may 

Some things remain the same 

I wish to be in your custody 

restraints I will never fight to undo.. 

screw in the bolts 

tighten the locks 

Held captive by us

Doing life with you

my prison of love..