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Magnetic Hold

Published October 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You speak and the magic begins
The breath of your words enchanting
awakening me to such things I’ve never known..
every fiber of my being
hanging on to every syllable..
craving the melodic sound that is you
the most gentle calling of love
My soul hears you
My heart grows to you
My mind absorbing you
intertwine your hands into mine
Feel what I am
Be drawn in by the magnetic love that is you&I
Where I am weak
You are strong
When I am lost
You are found
Together we are one
in this
Unending loving bond..


beautiful quiet

Published October 21, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


It flows without effort
Intimacy is everything
the timeless affection affinity and warmth
the smiles
hands touching
Moments of missing and not missing
The stolen glances
full of wonder
The quiet shared
It’s bewildering, romantic and beautiful all at once
The connectedness of our soul draws us back from wherever our hearts &minds have been
And suddenly Your words fill the space and I’m wrapped in you
and the harmony of our hearts cannot be stopped..
I love you in all our silence




Published October 15, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


as you are hustling and bustling to get there
to arrive
to achieve
to complete your dreams
let your eyes fall open wide
catch it in technicolor..
Are you immersed in it
Touching breathing tasting the sweet moments
savoring the beauty of it..
Slow down
There is no such thing as arriving
it’s ever changing..
Don’t look for it
Don’t race to it
Let the sensation of living grab hold of you
Let life be your muse
Steady your pace
it’s not worth taxing your heart
exhausting your mind
be carefree in the desires of your heart
let it be one that is captivated by the moments


Live&Die on Love

Published October 5, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

It doesn’t discriminate
It catches you unaware
No prejudicial treatment there
Death doesn’t differentiate either
It knows no difference of race sex or age
We all fall the same
Love the same
hurt and live the same
hard to distinguish Between the sinner & the saint
I could be life I could be death
Could be love could be hate
Let me stay and show you what I’ll create
When you smile I fall apart
tears trickle down my face
I’ve always thought
sacredness lies within them
Not cowardice..
It’s a love that knows no bounds
Yet love itself binds me up until I can no longer see..
Get lost in me
And you will see what a
Contradiction love can be..