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Published June 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


No more screaming no more pain
You have dried beneath my nails
The blood chafing away
Taking the hurts and memories with it..
I can’t hate anymore what I wish to love
so I must let you go
I wish you no ill will
Ask me how I lived till now
I’ll tell you I don’t know
The rain has washed me clean
My spirit has been set free
All our love isn’t dead
just a place I can no longer tread
I won’t be tangled and strangled anymore..
can you hear me as I silently slip away
can you feel the freedom I gain as I’m no longer owned by the pain..
Emerging is a new me
One that can finally breath..


Hearts’ Desire

Published June 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


She is made of questions
curiosity driving her..
pardon her stare
Her mind so aware
Within you are her answers waiting to spill out
And fill her thoughts with the wonder of you
covering her heart
Wrapping her tight within your fold
Educate her until you are one and there is none other that will quench the mystery of her hearts’ desire


Etched into Hope

Published June 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Such a wonderful world I crashed into
so unreal all I feel
dance in it with me
You’ve colored my world
I see it everywhere
No darkness surrounding me anymore
gray skies faded into hope heartaches overshadowed by the awe and wonder of all I see
You’ve painted my heart in shades of love that never were
How can I ever show my gratitude for such a gift
You spun me in the right direction.. Set my feet on the path they’ve aimlessly searched for..
No longer walking aimlessly
No longer lost
I see me through your eyes
And I’m mesmerized
loving myself from the inside out
What a wonderful world you’ve shown me
Washing me in compassion and love
Etching your story on my heart letting my true colors come shining through..



If Only Love

Published June 15, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


If only you could see with your heart
You would know truth
It doesn’t lie in our eyes for they are veiled with life
Nor our emotions for they can be deceiving
and our minds alone on their own – can be robotic..
within our heart – it’s altogether different
It’s full of compassion hope goodness
In it lives love
Let it filter out into each pore
Let it cover us head to toe
Unveiling those blinded eyes
Cleansing the lies from our core
Setting free our minds
to Know to feel to believe
to be free in all that we want to be..
Love is where we began
Love is how it should be
If only we would choose to see..


Titillate Me

Published June 12, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Arouse my heart
Stimulate my mind
Tantalize my senses
Let me fall victim to the crime of your passions
Tailspin me till I am grounded in your love
We are so different yet we are one
I will be your insanity and you be mine..
Over and over we go until the end of time
I will spend all of my days finding the you I knew
The more you give the more I want
Rouse me tease me
Come on and please me
let’s do our thing
we can lose our mind
Lose control
And plummet into love
While the fascination grows..


Love Me Loud

Published June 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

The sound of silence is no more
To know you..
You breathe the silent moments to full attention
the atmosphere is filled with love
And I’m feeling as never before..
My heart still beats but it is now complete
though it skips a beat racing at the thought of you
My skin still feels but it tingles
My lungs still expand but deeper richer fuller
So vibrant
Life shines so bright in you
It lights me up
this is it
You are the one who jolts my heart to life
Loving me loud


Our flavor..

Published June 2, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I wish to savor you
Swallow me up in the flavors of love
Into your deep unending
place of bliss
The mystery of you will unravel my heart for a lifetime
How did I stumble upon you
Tripping into this whirlwind of wow
I was not ready
but now I can’t stop thinking upon you
I’m listening to the words of my heart
Never heard such things before
Such an enigma
Never before has one captivated all my senses
leaving me dizzy
I’ll do what it takes to live out my hearts’ desire
spending a lifetime chasing the dreams you’ve ignited within me
offering all I have
Let the flavor of me
Fill each pore with love as I explore the taste of you..