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Puppet Man

Published February 5, 2018 by lamarrwenrich


Pull your string
Watch you beam
and act like it is all as it seems..
your house looks like it’s made of stone – strong and solid to the bone..
Opened you wide
hidden inside
is an inner layer filled with hate – no one able to knock down that gate..
Moments that words can no longer reach –
someone like you they cannot teach
though You’re gone – i see your face
I always say you only need space
Give me the time – give me your mind
I’ll grind out your insides as you unwind..
set up new wiring and restring you throughout-
pulling them tight until they’re just right..
as you move about with sheer delight,
your light will once again learn to shine bright..


Story of All

Published July 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I feel your loud words
I hear your silent ones
as we tippy toe along this broken road
Cracks took you there and pushed me here
Up down & all around
supposed to set us free
But we keep sliding backwards to one another along this heartbreaking ride..
Come sit
Listen to my heart
Feel my thoughts
It’s not for naught
It isn’t nothing
There is something I’ve learned
We aren’t anything so broken that we can’t be fixed
We can live with scars
I’ve restored the cracks with a new shade of love
Live out these thoughts with me
You are the end of my everything
Listen to the words I speak as i read you the story
of All


Etched into Hope

Published June 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Such a wonderful world I crashed into
so unreal all I feel
dance in it with me
You’ve colored my world
I see it everywhere
No darkness surrounding me anymore
gray skies faded into hope heartaches overshadowed by the awe and wonder of all I see
You’ve painted my heart in shades of love that never were
How can I ever show my gratitude for such a gift
You spun me in the right direction.. Set my feet on the path they’ve aimlessly searched for..
No longer walking aimlessly
No longer lost
I see me through your eyes
And I’m mesmerized
loving myself from the inside out
What a wonderful world you’ve shown me
Washing me in compassion and love
Etching your story on my heart letting my true colors come shining through..



Darkness to Light

Published March 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I’ll shine on you like the sun
lighting up the dark
Roll away that stony heart
I’ll give you flesh
It’s only a wound
not fatal
Let my words penetrate your lifeless form
This is a love beyond pretty and perfect
it’s where heaven&earth meet..
turn away
You’re walking in despair
Your Mind shattered
in chasms..
This is me down on my knees
Aching willing wanting to pull you out of that foolishness that owns you
Draw out your soul
Make you whole..
Draw out your light in this darkness
Fall with me
Let’s spend ourselves in love



Published February 14, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Grasping onto the pieces of us
as the crevice widens
memories seep through as I hang onto each morsel of love breaking away
We slip to the ground splattering everywhere..
I want to keep you
Down on my knees
collecting the portions
Love isn’t done with us
we are just fragmented
scraps of love here & there..
I sit alone in the middle of it all
My heart yearning
Uncertain of it all
Feeling it in my heart
Feeling it in my soul
When it’s sad it is so sad..
so empty
somehow my words are silent to you
The sting of silence crumbling my heart
as they echo off the walls and disintegrate back into me..
But when it’s right
it is so right
I’ll stand in the gap
I’ll carry the burden
My hands cupped
Reaching out
catching all the crumbs..
Until we are whole again