Published February 14, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Grasping onto the pieces of us
as the crevice widens
memories seep through as I hang onto each morsel of love breaking away
We slip to the ground splattering everywhere..
I want to keep you
Down on my knees
collecting the portions
Love isn’t done with us
we are just fragmented
scraps of love here & there..
I sit alone in the middle of it all
My heart yearning
Uncertain of it all
Feeling it in my heart
Feeling it in my soul
When it’s sad it is so sad..
so empty
somehow my words are silent to you
The sting of silence crumbling my heart
as they echo off the walls and disintegrate back into me..
But when it’s right
it is so right
I’ll stand in the gap
I’ll carry the burden
My hands cupped
Reaching out
catching all the crumbs..
Until we are whole again




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