Titillate Me

Published June 12, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Arouse my heart
Stimulate my mind
Tantalize my senses
Let me fall victim to the crime of your passions
Tailspin me till I am grounded in your love
We are so different yet we are one
I will be your insanity and you be mine..
Over and over we go until the end of time
I will spend all of my days finding the you I knew
The more you give the more I want
Rouse me tease me
Come on and please me
let’s do our thing
we can lose our mind
Lose control
And plummet into love
While the fascination grows..


14 comments on “Titillate Me

  • The reader must admit …
    Love sensation ….
    Rouse me tease me
    Come on and please me
    Read me feel me
    Love is on to heal me
    Its tickling tingling
    touching the sense to
    mingle in ….


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