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Catch my disease..

Published February 12, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

pure, gentle, pelting,
cascading from the sky
covering the earth with rebirth..
cleansing the hurt
drowning out pain
my heart gains insight
yet scars remain
cut so deep
diseased with change..

made you a habit
so it began
a particular quality
hard to win..
an involuntary addiction
I end where you begin..

incurable malady -
there is no win
uproot our hearts
and wash them clean..
catch my disease
before we cease..

In the light..

Published July 31, 2021 by lamarrwenrich

lost in the shuffle
deeper & deeper
into the shadows you fall…
confusion abounds
all your madness
your sadness
rallying around…
don’t fear the inevitable
don’t fear the dark
your secrets and scars
they are who you are…
soul wrenching and beautiful
you’re never alone
your worth is revealed
your essence renewed…
hold those moments closely
as you’re opened up wide…
Inescapable shadows
define us all
stay in the light
so they shine bright…
shed the skin
the baggage you’re in
as pure beauty is discovered
watch your shadow rise
to an inevitable end..

Only just begun..

Published February 11, 2020 by lamarrwenrich
moments are fleeting
my heart is bleeding 
feels incomplete..
was it enough
did I reach you 
teach you 
as I become a mime with time..
does your heart know what mine has sown 
from the moment you began..
words collapse on my tongue as I become undone 
in awe of the human you have become..

you wear it well..
breaking free 
while I hold so
reigning you in with my might..
my heart overflows with stories untold..
beaming with pride 
I’ll let your hopes dance
not fearing the past that cannot last..

Give way…

Published April 26, 2019 by lamarrwenrich



hurting inside..

burying you deep

as if it’s something to hide..

Grieving is love that’s exploded inside..

fragments remain

keeping you sane

Just enough to shoulder the blame..

Shadow boxing here

Shadow boxing there

It’s worn you down

leveling you to the ground..

Stop fighting yourself

don’t do it alone

step into new space as you roam..

What is dead may never die

let it tear through the shadows of your sky..

May it thunder through to the silence of your heart..

hear the sounds of freedom as darkness gives way to light..

let the mourning change with the morning bright..

your mind will rewind

to promises of old

reliving stories you’ve been told

as it fills your soul

it will make you whole..

lose to win..

Published January 26, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

love is a losing game


in ways that make you as it breaks you..

give in to the pain

It fills you with joy

with strength

So much to gain..

Shadows of your heart

Hit you in the darkest part

A noose around your neck

that grip will rip

till you feel no more..

trust it – walk through that door..

If I was a sculptor

I’d mold me into you

you into me

We’d be the best we could be

losing while we win to the best moments unknown

getting lost in the game with no name..

Only human..

Published August 30, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I welcome it in

desperate for rest

I run till i fall in search of it all..

The charm of the quiet

I’m under its’ spell

I scream till I yell

hungry for anyone to look at me and tell..

I may be alone

as my grasp gives way to the icy fingers on their own

no one there to warm my hand..

It’s ok – I understand..

The only way outward is inward

Don’t think me coward

for there isn’t a lie I’d rather know than the truth..

Running Free

Published August 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Full of life and love in the liveliest of ways
gradually percolating through me until you filled each pore of my heart
filling me with an expectant energy
exuberant animated alive
Your heart is speaking loud
even in your absence
my heart is flying
It can’t be contained
I find you in my waking hours
I feel you in my slumber
All we are is true
from beginning to end
A day like today-once upon a time-defined us
creating such truth that love would never be the same
You were designed to inspire and awaken my soul
With each word we became us
I’ll always think of you as me forever to be
memories alone will get us through
Chasing the dream that I see
My heart is running free
as it should be..



Crush Me

Published May 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Heart screaming for a second chance..

Willing to make mistakes for the love of you as life goes on

Happy sad somethings 

Something is never nothing 

let me tell you nothing you want to hear 

With every crushing blow 

I grow 

every broken bone I feel you 

It renews me as it juts through me

seeing with new eyes

Loving with an undiscovered heart 

So shatter me 

To bits and pieces..

I learn through the remnants of us

being held together by the strength of your unconditional love

See yourself through my eyes 

And know how lucky i am

For meeting you was the end of life as the way I knew it


Published April 28, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Breaking away was all she could think about..
She walked out to the water to lose her thoughts..
Her long auburn hair wisped about as the cool wind wrapped its’ gentleness around her..
A smile slowly spreading across her sun kissed cheeks as an unexpected giggle escaped from
her mouth..
She had forgotten how it felt to be carefree
Wondering when she quit feeling the ocean breeze
Drinking in the fresh salt air while she’d romp freely through the waves
She wore it well
When did it all become so
A labor without love..
Time to quell the distaste from her mind
No more mindless anything
Take herself out of it
Let go of the menial
Breathe until she’s filled up
Unbury what has been lost & forgotten
It’s so easy to be the living dead
Wanting changes
Her mind reset..
Let’s start anew
Let our hearts race wildly
Alive with life, speaking out loud once again
Stop the closing of her eyes
Shutter open the windows of her heart
All she has is now
Why wait
What is she waiting for
While she watches herself wither away..
She felt it loud&clear..
Don’t wait till it’s too late
Kidnap the life that ensnares you
Hold yourself hostage
demand living for the ransom
And only then do you set yourself free..



Sing Me Free

Published March 22, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Sing to me
My Songbird
something tells me it’s all you
you light my fire
It all comes back to desire
Your melody floats through the air
It beckons me
My feet are grounded for the first time flying high with you,
overflowing with unspeakable passion
The happiest of tears watering the world
Leaving your beauty every place they touch
such lyrics my ears have never heard
A pitch my heart has never felt
my body swaying to a beat all our own..
Bringing out the best in me
Singing me free…